good rules

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good rules for living found on Pinterest !  my boards here - by Julie Hendrickson - Happy Sunday !

& Brenda Jones can you email me please with your address - you won a pack of greeting cards Hooray !


  1. amen to all the above! (though, i'd amend 'play with a dog' to 'play with a cat' *grin*) wishing you a happy april, dear susan x

  2. You know that I'm big on "play with the dog". But Claire's right, I should be playing with my cat more.

    I think "cuddle the dog" should be on the list. ;-)

  3. Hi Susan!! I'm here! And loving watching your journey with Photoshop. Layers are good, but I know so little about them!

    ANYWAY! You asked for my address. I am so very thrilled to have won some of your cards! I am smiling big time!!!

    OKAY! I am at: Snow Mountain Observatory and Frog Farm
    Post Office Box 862
    Stanardsville, Va. 22973

    Thought I had sent this previously but sometimes I hit the wrong button and things go into whoknowshwereland!

    Thank you bunches Susan!!!

  4. Oh Brenda - thank you I'm just now making the Etsy connection. I'm so glad that you're thrilled to have won a package of my cards - mailing them tomorrow xos


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