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Monday, March 4, 2013

coloured pencils on the teak topped desk / ice ice baby / peeling potatoes / my winter garden / tea cup for sale / space ball seed heads / thyme leaves / more tea cups + self portrait / potato scallop recipe Oliver the big brother with Virgil / lil' Redpoll* / hooray for the dinner salad / oh, oh it's the art critic again / Winnie D

I adore Mondays - I really do, secrets of the self employed (a new day, a new week, a new month ... a new chance)
I didn't write this blog post - but I sure could've - thank you Andrea - life changing, maybe
I'm working on another magazine article Hooray (more instructional collage tips & tricks from moi)
I abhor speeding & speeders - if you drive too fast, especially within village limits, you're on my shit list
I love snail mail - sending & receiving it !
I'm working on new designs for Magnet Works, garden flags etc ...
I love milk chocolate. Period. Sorry 70% dark oh-so-healthy stuff, a big ol' meh to you.
Potato chips are probably my absolute favourite food - sad but true ;-) my favourite kind here - original flavour
I have 18 greeting card designs now with Madison Park Greetings ! where-to-purchase details to come
I've signed up for Lilla Roger's Make Art That Sells e-course from Beth Nicoll's at Do What You Love
I watch the soap opera The Bold & the Beautiful religiously, on my computer at
I love spiders (and all insects, bugs & creepy crawly things)
Anna Stowe & I are almost finished creating my new web site Ya Huh !!! it looks amazing !
I love to cook, read, drink tea in that afternoon & go on walks with Winnie Dixon
The potato scallop recipe above is delish. I added 2 small onions, sliced thin, 2 cloves of garlic & topped with grated parmesan

*this little guy hit the window I placed him here on a windowsill 'til he caught his breath again


  1. S - the photo of the cats cuddling looks like a 2-headed model! Looking forward to purchase info on your greeting cards. Cooked for 3 hours yesterday afternoon - loved it!

  2. WOW... can't wait to see the new site, I am hoping my rebranding goes smoothly!!! Tail wags ~moose

  3. Gorgeous little bird. Beautiful looking food. Wonderful cats and a beautiful dog. Nice post.

  4. Lucky I just had dinner or I'd be licking the screen too get a taste of that loverly-looking shrimp dish.

  5. and perfect pencils! woof.~moose

  6. Susan! I **love** your photos and wish I could have a window herb garden like you have -- and snow like you have. Here in Virignia we are struggling to get any snow at all. Thank you so much for "sharing" Andrea with me. I've been on Paxil for years and find comfort in finding there are others like me.

  7. Wow, dreat post dear Susan, lovely photos of Oliver and Virgil, a beautiful portrait of Winnie, so kind that you rescued the little bird, the food looks delicious, your winter garden looks so lovely in that soft light.
    I enjoyed Andrea's post, sometimes we just have to ask for help when we have tried everything to help ourselves.
    xoxoxo ♡


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