cropping & dog love

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

isn't cropping interesting ? details from A Meadow // Let Your Mind Go Blank // Love's Sweet Song

And more on dog love ... 
could there ever be too much on dog love ?

Dogs possess a quality that's rare among humans--the ability to make you feel valued just by being you--and it was something of a miracle to me to be on the receiving end of all that acceptance. The dog didn't care what I looked like, or what I did for a living, or what a train wreck of a life I'd led before I got her, or what we did from day to day. She just wanted to be with me, and that awareness gave me a singular sensation of delight. I kept her in a crate at night until she was housebroken, and in the mornings I'd let her up onto the bed with me. She'd writhe with joy at that. She'd wag her tail and squirm all over me, lick my neck and face and eyes and ears, get her paws all tangled in my braid, and I'd just lie there, and I'd feel those oceans of loss from my past ebbing back, ebbing away, and I'd hear myself laugh out loud.

from A Pack Of Two: The Intricate Bond Between People and Dogs - Caroline Knapp


  1. Bwaaaaaahhhh! (In a good way) That quote about dogs. sniffle

    Love the artwork, close up or far away.

  2. Beautiful art and beautiful, touching words dear Susan,(some happy tears fall). Dogs and cats give us so much and love us without judgement just as long as that care and affection is given to them.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. I love dogs too. Oh heck, I love ALL animals!

  4. Yes love this piece, and love how you have cropped it. I of course also love the dog quote!


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