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Saturday, March 16, 2013

the view from Virgil's bachelor pad* / teacup & saucer from Monty's Vintage Emporium - Water St. / rooftops and crow / it's March break & Miss D and I have early morning walking pals Juicy & Miss B / the crescent beach / a purple paper palette / icy snow / Oliver taking a nap in Virg's pad (not OK with Virgil) / oh my, Winnie Dixon look at you go

This being human is a guest house. 
Every morning is a new arrival. 
A joy, a depression, a meanness, 
some momentary awareness
comes as an unexpected visitor...
Welcome and entertain them all. 
Treat each guest honorably. 
The dark thought, the shame, the malice, 
meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. 
Be grateful for whoever comes, 
because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.


I've been ruminating rumination with my good pal Rumi

When you ruminate what happens is that a negative thought about the past or present enters your mind, and you think you have to pay attention to it. The thought is saying "pay attention to me. I'm here. You can't do anything until I'm satisfied". You become a willing, obedient slave to the thought.

What if, instead, you simple accepted the intrusive thought as a companion ? What if you accepted it's presence with the same mindful awareness you brought to your breath – not going where it wants to lead but not struggling against it either ? Imagine you just say to the thought, "Okay, I know you are there, but I am busy with my life right now, so take a seat, do what you have to do, and I will get back to you – if I want to". You may not get rid of that thought, the questions (or worries) may still come into your mind but you can politely and calmly say, "I hear you, but I am busy living my life".

From the book Beat the Blues: Before They Beat You by Robert L. Leahy

Yo !  thought ! chill ... later, maybe

To be honest I don't believe I have naturally occurring Blues, after much analysis - and I do mean much and for years. I do believe that I have a rampant kind of obsessive thinking, a worrisome, anxiety-ish (fear based) rumination which gives rise to les Blues -  like a bad, resistant virus. If I can get rid of  befriend these scary thoughts I'm sure those Blues might leave me alone too.

* les Penthouse - a down pillow topped  board, atop a wooden clothes drying rack, beside a huge warm as toast radiator, near a big sunny second floor window with a million dollar view !!


  1. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Also, the purple color palate makes my heart go pitter-pat.

  2. Virg has good taste in real estate.

  3. Oops ! sorry John - lost a comment about the Prince's well used step ladder. This blogger spam is driving me crazy - we've moved on (& down) from comments and lots of them (15-20 at a time) about yeast infection treatments to plain ol' nasty porn comments. Sigh. How & why did this happen ?!?

    The dreaded word verification may be in our near future. - I sincerely hope not - it drives me crazy on other blogs. Possibility - when my new web site launches April 1 (I'm guessing) my blog may be copied/moved to a Wordpress blog. Blogger you are so buggin' me, big time.

    Happy weekend all ! xo Susan

  4. Love the title for today's blog post !

  5. A beautiful post and images dear Susan, it is always great to see your pets and friends.
    The purple and lavender colours and textures are so pretty.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Suzi Q


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