Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oliver & the basil / visiting with Virgil in his pillow topped bachelor pad / late afternoon meeting at the TTD* / we heart long shadows / my paws are beautiful and go together perfectly / posing, Doug put these cool spotlights in the kitchen for me to sit under / posing while contemplating / oh yeah ! there's a black cat who lives here too, can't think of his name ... / Virgil is odd / brainstorming in my office / more Virg / I am so handsome / I love to pose in sunlight / posing while helping make the bed / posing anytime on the bed / bleh ! no rodentia, the drips & dabs ... I don't get it !?

seriously ... I am so very handsome
n'est pas ? + I love to pose 

best cat ever ... true fact

* ttd -teak topped desk


  1. I love that wherever you go, you have a little cat helper.

    Why do cats do that upside-down noggin thing? Note to self: must try this more often.

  2. Three beautiful cats you have, they are very photogenic and co-operative in front of the camera.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Virgil the art critic, love it!

    I also love the painting you're doing Susan - push that envelope wide open!

  4. too funny..... the kitchen photo looks like they are ready to play cards! Is that a cat ironing board or cat dryer?!! Tail wags to all cats.

  5. love those green eyes! :)

  6. Aren't cats beautiful? I love them.


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