my haven

Thursday, March 14, 2013

am/pm - my haven, the safety & security of the nest of down & flannel avec les chat magnifique - Oliver

some days I struggle with the in-between times ... I long for the time it feels OK to retreat here again


  1. Yes, I think one woudl sleep very very well there indeed. Cozy haven.

  2. Some days I head back upstairs with my coffee, a snack, my iPad, a current needle project (or two) a stack of magazines and books, and climb back into my comfy, cozy bed, and stay there... Maybe a nap, maybe not... Critters come and go... So lovely.

    It only happens every so often, but it's perfect when I need it!

    (Each night as I settle in, I thank the powers that be (out loud) for my clean, warm, safe place to lay my head.)

  3. Very serene, warm, and comfy! And, with a cat for purrs and snuggles, what more could one want?

  4. I do like a good retreat. I like that in our house we have roller-shutters on the windows (block out that fierce Australian heat!). Putting the shutters down on the world is a lovely reprieve sometimes.
    Your bedroom looks cosy and peaceful.

  5. Such a beautiful place to rest and dream and cuddles and purrs from Oliver.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. I'm realizing that my "haven" is too cluttered and busy and not conducive to a good night's sleep. Your room looks so comfy and cozy.


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