3 dog days

Friday, April 18, 2008

my best friend, my everything boy... for over 12 years

My God what a face. This is one of the gazillion photos I have of my hero dog Jake. And this is the one that gets me the most, that makes my knees feel weak, gives me a catch in my throat and makes my eyes tear up ...always. It was taken on his last Sunday weekend big walk with the girls and Maggy Sue and Channy (another golden retriever and black lab). I remember that day so clearly, he was his usual big ol' goofy self, barking at the girls in his senior dog gravely bark voice, demanding some attention or better still a cookie please. Full of beans (and wieners) I always told him.

Oh how I love that dog ... and I miss him so much. Sleep tight Noodle dog.
I love ya ... just a little bit more than life itself.

Yesterday was sunny and very warm, the temperatures rising to +19. And breezy, warm breezy the best kind. Clothes flapped on the line. I worked at my desk through the morning finishing up a little project and after lunch I decided to goof off. To do absolutely whatever I wanted to do. It was just too nice to be stuck at my desk and with rain fall in the forecast for Friday (today) it seemed the most sensible thing to do.

I did a little tidying, a little baking, then lots of raking and clearing, crunchy brown leaves that smelled of childhood. Me & my navy blue wheelbarrow and my favourite well worn leather garden gloves. Gently uncovering bright green and new poking up into sunlight and warmth. Finally a long walk with Miss Dixon at low tide. She and I walked way out on the sand flats beside sparkling blue water, peering into tide pools always on the look out for some magical find and finally we lay down on our backs in the golden dry grass, she and I, at the bottom of the grassy lane, the sun beating down on us, and nothing but blue, blue sky above us and we stayed there, just like that ... for a very long time.

And a photo from my unforgettable 3 dog days.

Emma Jane Louise, Winnie Dixon & Jake


  1. Lovely. The first real, warm, sunny day always makes me want to do just that: lie flat on my back and soak it all up. Not exactly practical on Yonge Street, but I understand the urge!! So glad you got to enjoy the day.

  2. What a great day it was for you guys!
    I did bake a banana cranberry loaf...but the other fun stuff...not so much. No greenery... no sand and surf...no dry grass to flop on to.... and today? Snowstorm headed our way. Predicting 15 cm of snow.

    I better head over to Safeway for groceries... I am doing chicken dinner tomorrow for some friends that are moving to Portugal.

    hope today is a good one for you there too.....the lovely warm ocean breezes make me jealous.....

  3. Sounds like a beautiful walk. Oh and that face, it would have made me worship him, like I am sure you did.

  4. How sweet! the pictures and the afternoon. So nice to take time and just relax, just be. Sounds perfectly lovely.

  5. Raining here today - spring showers. Busy day at the desk drawing Art Nouveau secrets. Yesterday I baked a Blueberry Lemon loaf Vee, see tomorrow's post for recipe link. And Yoli yes I adored him (Jake) and always will and J. ne pas de 6 word memoir. Wink.
    cheers from NS.


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