collection no.1

Monday, April 21, 2008

an assortment of treasures we've gathered on our walks

Deep breath in. Admittedly sigh-ish exhale out. Another Monday, and I've discovered lately, not always my best day. The beginning of a new week, another big list of things that need and should be done, many others that I'd like and want to do. As the temperatures warm up and spring fully arrives that list now includes many outside things as well as inside things. And I don't mean extra long walks in the afternoon at low tide with my best girlfriend Winnie Dixon. Sigh again. I dream of the day when my life and everything in it feels manageable ... when it becomes small and compact, tidy and all mine. Now it feels way too big, overwhelming most of the time and out of control. It's too much for me.

But ... for right now I can only put one foot in front of the other. I mustn't get bogged down in overwhelm. I have a friend who's helping me, she can see the real me, she even sees parts that I've lost track of, she can see the me thats buried under all of this. She has x-ray vision. And she's helping to dig me out. And I love her for that.

For now deep breaths, yoga and hot bubbles are the only cures I know.

my photography assistant, sweet Oliver


  1. Wonderful collection! Beautiful pix! I am a rock person, too. The one piece looks like maybe bone?

    And Oliver's paw in there is just too much!!! :):):)

  2. hahahha.... that is so cute! Oliver lending a helping "hand".

    Mondays often seem a lost cause in the fun department to me too. After organizing in my head or thinking about some things that need doing....Monday is the day to do it. I refuse to shop on weekends..I can do it other days when every Tom, Dick and Harriet is NOT out there, so I do. Errands, shopping, checking the fabric store... get back to exercise, organize supper...etc... there went my day. Let's have a good one!

  3. Mondays are "back to the grind" for me, so they're not generally great days. Also, I made a lemon version of your cheese-cup-cakes that were REALLY good. I love chocolate, but it gets tiresome sometimes.

  4. Sunny, warm and very spring like here. My yard and garden are absolutely filled with birds chattering away.

    Willow the piece that looks like bone I've always thought was a tooth - I've thought - a cows tooth but I could be completely wrong.

    Yes Sweet OliVer he must always be smack in the middle of what ever is going on. He's a funny cat. Tons of personality.

    And J. your lemon cupcakes sound yummy.

  5. Love those stripey pebbles! ;^)


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