Wednesday, April 9, 2008

La Queen of Maison Le Noire

Otherwise and unfortunately known as Squacamolé (read squawk). Lulu yells ... she's always yelled. She opens her mouth as wide as can be and a meow (?) comes out that is loud, demanding and just a tad grating. She is now nearly 17 and going strong ... I am very happy that it's looking like she will enjoy another summer roaming around outside. She has an old white wicker chair on the front porch with a pillow covered in a beautiful vintage pillow case, and that's where she holds court. She'll get off her throne here and there throughout the day to wander around our large overgrown yard and garden or sometimes to give one of the stray Tom cats what for if they dare to enter into her queendom and if she happens to hear me puttering in the kitchen she will leap to the windowsill so that she can yell at me from the other side of the screened window. She doesn't seem to want or need anything, she just insists on reminding me constantly of her existence. If I go outside and pick her up and sit in her chair with her she snuggles in and burrows her head into my arms and purrs. She wants my attention and she wants it all the time. And perhaps she's just reminding me to stop, come and just be in her moment .... if only she didn't have so many moments.

I hear song birds outside my office window and it's still pitch black outside at 5:15am. Smile.


  1. Lulu is beautiful! (love Saucamole tee hee) She does look like a queen. That green grass is luscious.


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