Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Prairie Wolf or Coyote

Winnie and I saw a coyote yesterday at the very end of our big long walk. As far as I'm concerned a large beautiful animal ... a wild dog. But I'm afraid I'm very alone in my respect and admiration of this creature that we share territory with. This particular coyote was walking across two wide open fields in broad daylight and far too close to the homes of humans that would shoot him or her in an instant. It was upsetting, I do understand that if you live in the country you don't want your much loved cat or small dog to become dinner for a family of coyotes ... but shooting them, or even worse trapping them, is not the answer. If you kill the top predator you drastically and almost instantly screw up the balance of nature. The rodent and rabbit population booms. The more coyotes you kill the larger their litters of pups become. Don't mess with Mother Nature cause she's got the whole thing figured out ... but around here apparently it feels good to kill things that upset or trouble you (be it a hill of ants or a big beautiful coyote) and don't get me started down that track ... cause I do feel a big ol' rant coming on.

For the most part I keep these radical opinions to myself ... there's no point, I'm just wasting my breath. As we drove home I noticed that the coyote had finally crossed the road and was moving through another field, this time thankfully sheltered by a hedge row and out of view, and seemingly making his or her way back to the wooded area, far past the rolling pastures that we walk through in winter. Back to where they spend most of their time. It's only the second coyote that I've seen in over 13 years of walking out in the country and I felt honoured yesterday to see such a beautiful animal.

Coyote in Animal Medicine means wisdom & folly.

Image courtesy of American Museum of Natural History Painting by John Woodhouse Audubon.

2pm J. just left a comment reminding me of this incredible coyote blog. Please check this out !

The finches (gold & purple) outside my open office window this morning are so loud and busy, this time of the year when the windows are finally all open I feel like I live in the midst of an aviary. Such happy cheery sounding birds. Another great jewellery design project on the drawing table this week and I'm also working on an illustrated tourist map of our little village - something that they'll hand out in summer so people can find there way around. Lots of design work interspersed with floor painting and office/studio decor and organization and yard clean up ... the items on La List for this week.


  1. morning, Susan...
    Sometime when you're in town, it would be fun if you shot some photos of your little town. I'd love to see it.

    The birds are still at it on my balcony, fighting over the two bird houses up there. Right now it is mountain blue birds in one...western blue birds in the other. However, one pair of violet green swallows have come in. The day they arrived, they went straight for the house that swallows were in last year. They spend lots of time sitting on the rail between the two houses applying silent pressure on the home makers. Since there are only two swallows at the moment, swooping isn't very effective so they are very patiently trying this technique.

    I love birds. I like coyotes too. There are tons of them here wandering around in the mountains.

  2. You know, last year we heard a pack of coyotes howling. In all the time we've lived here, it was a first. I thought it was the upstairs tv, but then realized it wasn't on. It made me feel oddly mournful, like the old west.

    I thought you would enjoy the Haekel post. Wiki him for a few more prints...all wonderful...I couldn't decide which to post.

  3. I agree with your feelings on coyotes, people malign what they don't take the time to understand. Check out for a different take on coyotes.

  4. thanks J, for the coyote link. I've added that great site to todays post. So sad that what we don't understand ...we so easily just kill. Humans are so fucked! (and pardon moi language). It's a topic that makes my blood boil.


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