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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

a crow in an elm tree

I’m writing this at 5pm Tuesday afternoon to post early Wed. Another one of my new plans ... (you know me, endless new plans) is to do my beginner yoga DVD each Mon Wed & Friday early morning with coffee. I’m sure you’re not supposed to be doing yoga with coffee, I should be having a soy chai tea latte, but I’ll be having coffee. I did do my yoga session Monday morning and I already feel the subtle evidence, today, of my oh so not limber and supple self. I need it all ... the breathing, the stretching, the focus, the concentration. And if I’m doing my hour long yoga session in the early morning, then I can’t be sitting here staring at a blank new post section ... deciding what to I'm going to write about ... so for those three days I will write the night before.

Also came across this book and blog and site. In my ongoing quest to market my creative wares, actually back up a bit ...in my ongoing quest to develop a/some/my creative wares to take to market. It occurred to me, after stumbling upon Aimee Ray’s book today, that my drawing style would look fantastic rendered in embroidery, combined with a splash of appliqué and the occasional embellishment with beads and sequins and a dash of ric rac (I love ric rac). Sigh. I just don’t seem to know how to get myself started on these fantastic ideas that I have, I get myself very bogged down in the day to day of life. However, this is a great idea ... for my etsy shop, and something that I know I would LOVE doing. I love to hand sew. Smile.

I discovered this afternoon that Miss Winnie Dixon has a fondness for smoked salmon, a bit of a surprise actually, as she has a tendency to be quite a picky eater (especially compared to the boy Jake who would, and did, eat anything). I’d been craving bagel & lox with cream cheese and thinly sliced Vidalia onion. So yesterday when in town, and at the big grocery store, I bought all the ingredients, including lox or smoked salmon. In a former life I lived very close to Beauty’s a famous Montreal institution where bagel & lox was a specialty.

New Harpers Bazzar, Vogue & Domino came in the post today. Sigh. So many great magazines arrive here at Black Street and so little time to peruse them, or so it seems. I’m having whole wheat vegetarian pizza with homemade pesto for dinner tonight. I’ll pile on baby spinach, zucchini, cauliflower, onions, green & red pepper, black olives and lots of cheese and I’ll serve it with a baby arugala salad with a dijon, red wine vinaigrette. Yum.

I'll watch Nova on PBS later his evening. All about the planet Saturn, it's rings and one of it's 40 moons - Titan.

Wed. 5:50 am - it's very mild and foggy and pouring rain here this morning. I'm off to downward dog with my coffee in hand.


  1. Sounds like a good day.

    I think it is against the rules to combine coffee with yoga!

    I like the stitching idea.


  2. Why does reading your blog always make me so very hungry? I think I am gaining weight just reading here. I need to start doing some yoga...I am old, fat and stiff. ug.

    Darn! I missed Nova. I would have enjoyed that. I was watching The Third Man instead.

    Yes, your drawings would be wonderful done in embroidery! Do it!! :)

  3. I have had that embroidery book saved on my Amazon wish list for a while. I love the cover. You reminded me of it and I think I'll just go have it shipped. I made a really cute flower pin for my friend from hand made felt (though I bought the felt) and put a beaded picot edge and some embroidery on it. I learned both the beading technique and the other stitches on the net. Boy, you've got to love the net. I found a series of video embroidery stitch tutorials and I use those a lot. They really shorten my learning curve.

    I am going to start working out next week at our little health club. It is a 50 minute round trip to town so I'll have to be dedicated. I've always wanted to try yoga. A dvd seems like a good way to begin, especially with such a long way to town. I wish you luck...I wish me luck!

  4. I bought Aimee Ray's book several months ago and love it. I just love to embroider and learn new stitches. Oh, and I love ric rac too!

  5. Just back from an afternoon windy walk with Miss Dixon and am about to listen to another podcast of Oprah & Eckhart - the book is amazing the 90 minute classes - even better. Highly recommended !

    Willow I took a photo of today's lunch just for you. It was yummy if I do say so ... stay tuned.

    And Anya & Mary D. how freaky is that ? Who knew we had embroidery, (of all things) also, in common. I'm so glad that I found her book.
    When I had lunch the other day with my creative self employed friend, she was saying how she too struggles when working on projects that are for herself. Even though when it's a project for a client we both are motivated and very efficient and deadline driven...when it's for ourselves, I think it's that mean streak of perfectionism gets in the way, we spin our wheels stuck forever in the concept phase ... no idea being perfect enough to work on.

    We will overcome this snag however.

  6. I did order the book after I commented this morn. Did you know that darling pattern on the cover is not actually in the book? But, good news is she sells it for only $4 on her site. She sends the pdf file to your email. I got that one and another with artistic trees and birds.


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