java & jonquils

Monday, April 28, 2008

a new favourite mug with jonquils from my garden

MLou : Need anything from the city?
Me: Actually ... my favourite Starbuck’s coffee mug has a chip in it.

My friend MLou is also a self employed designer. She - mainly graphic design (where I began) and I'm now mainly product design. She and I became friends over 20 years ago while at art college.

We designer types, oh how we love the aesthetically pleasing, the simple, the timeless & classic. Beautiful straightforward typography. A perfect shape in smooth creamy off white ceramic, lovely to hold in both hands and in this case a mug so big that no refills are required. Merci mon ami MLou for my lovely new Starbuck’s mug (which came accompanied with a 1lb bag of the good stuff – high test Starbuck’s coffee!) Ahhh ! This morning I'm enjoying the taste of the city here in my little village, in my lovely new mug and as I sit typing while my bath of bubbles with lavender and orange pours.

We had a fantastic weekend, we accomplished a lot (in the painting realm) but the absolute best part for me was having someone here for two whole days that I could be completely myself with - no editing, no pretending, no stiff upper lip necessary - just purely who I am and oh how I needed that. What a gift, to have someone in your life that you know, without a doubt, loves you and that can handle and actually enjoys the entire package that is ... who you are. I feel like my worried and mostly sad mind has had a much needed spa vacation. Smile.


  1. Those Starbucks mugs are THE best! We have two of that same white and one red.

    You are lucky to have a friend that loves you and can be completely yourself with. The older I get, the more I realize how rare and precious that is.

  2. So lovely to read about your wonderful weekend with an old friend, sounds perfect and relaxing.

  3. A friend like that is a rare and beloved thing indeed!

    What a lovely weekend. Cheers!

  4. I do feel very fortunate and I treasure her friendship now more than ever. To be your authentic self with someone ... and to have a friend who's always interesting to you, who you constantly admire and respect. Who makes you laugh 'til you cry and who will let you to cry until you're all cried out ... is truly a rare and precious thing. The only other friendship I treasure on that same level is the friendship that I've had with my three dogs Em, Jake & Winnie Dixon. Smile. That sweet Winnie, she's a pretty perfect girlfriend.

  5. Wonderful post. Not sure how I got here but what with Starbucks coffee enthusiasm, design (I am a designer too) and the fact you live in N.S. (where we looked into moving at one point), I will certainly try to come back and read further.


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