Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Monday morning's walk on the beach

It's a yoga morning and I'm behind schedule ... a hot bubble bath awaits with lavender & eucalyptus. Yesterday that gang of motley characters wreaking havoc in my head seemed long gone. It was a perfect, gentle, sunny blue sky day. On our early morning walk we came across a bald eagle sitting on the beach, as close as I've ever been to such a majestic creature. Eagle in Animal Medicine is the biggest and best totem meaning Healing, Spirit & Creativity. I sat at my desk all day content and very much in the moment working away and accomplishing much. Miss Dixon and I had another lazy afternoon walk in sunshine and we sat on a rock for awhile gazing out at a sparkling sea and listening to the gentle lapping of waves and we felt SO grateful for the lovely life that we already have.

Here's a quote that I came across yesterday that I plan to make into an illustration - a small poster print for my Etsy shop.

we are shaped by our thoughts.
we become what we think.
when the mind is pure -
joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

Buddha 563 bc - 483 bc

right on Buddha !

Tuesday afternoon's walk at the beach


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your serene moments, as well as your not-so-serene ones. It does this city girl's country heart good.

  2. That is a beautiful quote, I will look forward to seeing your print.

    Isnt it amazing to think that wisdom has been around for thousands of years. I heard on National Radio a few days ago that there is a man building a Stonehenge in Australia. He pointed out the relationships between stonehenge and the circumference of the earth and other things that people 'shouldnt' have know then. It makes me think... if this is true, how much other knowledge have we lost too? Strange thought.

  3. Man, don't you hate it when those uninvited ass holes drop in. Thank goodness Mother Nature knows how to send them scrambling.
    Of course you're especially blessed with being able to live by the sea. I do love the mountains but at times I long for the ocean.


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