5 things

Monday, April 14, 2008

gerberas blooming in my sunny office window

5 little things that make me smile

Miss Winnie Dixon - what would I do without my best girlfriend
morning coffee in darkness & quiet
bubbles with lavender & orange

what little things make you smile ?


  1. Thanks for the cheery smiles this morning! :D

  2. Lilacs, the smell of drying hay, cute kitten poses. Sounds like things are well with you, sunny and very warm here.

  3. Lilacs will soon be blooming here plus no shortage of cute kitten poses with Gus & Oliver around. Smile.

  4. SO beautiful. For me, being a mother for the first time in middle age and my gardenia plant.

  5. little birdies splashing around in the bird bath make me giggle right out loud some days.....

    watching the bunny hopping around my yard.. (well, it could be one of several because we do live close to the golf course and they are always around) soon she will leave me a baby as she does each spring. then I have to play protector with my broom and whatever...in case of any type of predator...she only comes at night to feed him and play with him. I have no idea why I think it is a "him" ...

    let me see...what else? ... oh,....warm laundry. Love to snuggle it close to me as I carry it up from the dryer... some days if it is a big load I just fall onto it on the bed and enjoy it til it cools off...

    I grin and giggle when a new cute little bear face appears immediately after putting in some test eyes and giving him a nose.....

    walking down a quiet fairway on a perfect day....(who cares about how the golf is going)... I love just being there...it is a beautiful place to be....


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