she's here !

Saturday, April 26, 2008

another page from my beautiful wall calender

My Cavallini (love everything that they make) wall calender.

She's here ... still sleeping (soundly we hope) in the guest room nest. The one room in my house that I have absolutely no issues with, no big to-do list, that room, with the exception of maybe new bedding and curtains, is finished.

She arrived last night at nearly 8pm, which many of you know is practically my bed time, even on a Friday night. I am a wild thing. I made cheesy pesto tomato bruschetta to snack on and we sat in my living room beside the fire (we've been having a wee cold snap- snow on Thursday) drinking tea and catching up until after 11pm.

In a bit I'll pour her a big cup of coffee and deliver it bedside and then we'll gather up Miss Dixon and we'll all go for our big long beach and pasture hike. Then back to les studio/office for painting and chatting and tea drinking and painting and more chatting. Smile.


  1. Sounds like a lovely, chatty, pleasant weekend. You lavish your guests with such pampering...I'll be there next Friday night! ;);)

  2. ...if I could get flights under $1500 I would zip over too... I'm pretty handy with some things...

  3. Well ive missed three days of blog reading and so much has happened to you! It was lovely to read all the kind comments of support a few days ago. I hope you and your awesome friend have a good time together painting and what not.


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