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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

laying in the grass at the edge of the ocean every evening with my girl Miss D

16 random things that I love about summer -
inspired by a recent post From the House of Edward

the songbirds, especially in the early morning, they seem to love our petite jungle patchhaving all the windows open - all the timesummer rain and thunder stormsstrawberries, raspberries & blueberries • the giant display of summer paraphernalia just inside the door of our grocery store - beach balls, blow up rafts & tubes, giant gaudy colourful beach towels and sand castle building kits with shovels, decorative moulds, scoops and a pail • the farmers market each Saturday morninggoing barefootnot having the furnace on and no heating costshow the harbour shimmers in the evening when the sun is low again in the skyice cream cones shared with Oliver and sometimes with Miss D who is an unusually finicky eater laying in the back yard on the grass visiting with Bleet - who twirls and rubs, purrs madly, deeply and chirps at me, he's always so thrilled that I've come outside to sit a spell in a big patch of sun with him. Ernst & Lulu both loved that too • the smell of old fashioned Coppertone sun protection the flowers ... oh my the flowers and blooms are everywherethe colour green - and every imaginable shade of green, lushness aboundshanging all the washing out on the line and then sleeping in a nest that smells and feels like summerthe amazing abundance of insects - from teeny tiny to large and winged or crawling, to observe and investigate - somehow always putting life in perspective, if only for a moment.

and 17. my own freckles - I've always loved freckles

What things do you love most about summer ?


  1. Camping holidays, staying in a tent near the beach, playing in the ocean and cool walks in the shade of the forest. Sigh.

  2. "windows open all the time" sounds like a slice of heaven to me!
    xo to the les gang

  3. Susan, those photos are so lovely and light. I enjoyed your list of summer pleasures, you have such a unique way of noticing detail. I also love the colorful summer displays when I go into a grocery store. We can't lie on the ground so easily here, red ants! ouch! I miss that, too. <3

  4. Flowers blooming, green leafy trees, birds singing, the smell of neighbor's BBQ, blue skies and white clouds, the sound of peepers in the night, the twinkle of fireflies, going barefoot, floating in a pool, laid-back ambience, kids playing in yards, windows open to cool breezes in the evening, just lying on the grass looking at the sky. Sweet corn, homegrown tomatoes, strawberries, peaches.

  5. Susan, I woke up to a summer thunderstorm this early morning and then your wonderful blog! Such a nice respite from the baking summer sun we have been "enjoying"! It was a "stay in the bed" invitation from Mother Nature that I could NOT afford to take advantage of! And that LAST photo in your post this morning made my heart sing! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks again for sharing! What an idyllic place you live in!!!

  6. Fireflies, the singing frogs, bare arms...ah, tis a lovely time. xox to les gang - Pam

  7. Hiking in the Colorado high country & the zillions of wildflowers!
    Tail Wags to All.

  8. Hello! I came across you blog today from Delightful Blogs and I have to say I immediately felt at home! I adore dogs and your cuties are adorable. I look forward to coming back again and reading more.

    The things I love about summer?
    reading in my backyard
    flip flops
    and of course I love your "windows open!"

  9. delightful post, susan! i love the smell of freshly mown hay in the fields, sprinkling my flower gardens and long bike rides in the country to name a few!

  10. The sudden clap of thunder on a hot summer night; blowing rain, sheets of rain, buckets of rain; neighbors calling each other before the storm "hits"; lightning bugs, quilts on the grass; cold iced tea, with lemon; fresh green beans with cornbread and spring onions, juicy tomatoes from the garden; fried cornmeal- rolled okra; porch swings in which to watch the lightning flash; roses clambering into trees; wisteria climbing over the porch and onto the roof; rain barrels; lace-cap hydrangeas, books stacked in the hammock; breakfast under the grape arbor, birds splashing in their baths; dogs swimming and retrieving; kitties looking envious; cool showers after gardening; linen sheets and cotton nightgowns....and on and on. Your pictures were so beautiful today.

  11. ....horses grazing peacefully in the pasture, snow white gardenia or cape jasmine blooms with their dark green leaves covered with dew, lying in the swing, green apples with cream cheese dip or salt,butter beans and fresh sweet corn with butter, corn bread, cucumbers, cedar trees, ivy, pink roses, freshly mowed yards, home grown tomatoes!!

  12. Oh, the smell of Coppertone! That is just SUMMER, isn't it?? I remember my Daddy slathering me in that before I hit the beach.... the perils of being fair!! I still can occasionally be found in the supermarket smelling the Coppertone!! Don't tell!

  13. luv the fuzzy grasses.....waving in the ocean breeze. Sure could use a bit of a breeze here today...very hot.... over 30 and was pretty sticky after whacking that ball around the course with the old guys. They do persevere.... they were cooking...

    thanks for the wonderful comments on Madame....

  14. That is will eventually end adn then Autumn comes! :)

    "not having the furnace on and no heating cost"--I had to laugh at that.


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