total eclipse

Monday, July 20, 2009

Winnie D. lying on my black painted studio/office floors yesterday afternoon

Hey all you Cancer gals, MLou, Judy and J in Kentucky, just to name a few - read this and get ready 'cause we're goin' be blastin' off come Tuesday.

Not only is the Sun in Cancer, kicking off your solar new year, but on July 21st, a total eclipse falls in Cancer, dropping you squarely into a new reality. This is one of two eclipses this month, and since you’re ruled by the moon, their effect is multiplied. Life as you know it will not be the same, because the powerful eclipse blasts you onto your true path between now and the Cancer full moon (a lunar eclipse) on December 31st.

I'm ready ... are you ?


  1. My sister is a Cancerian. She is currently relaxing under a Greek sun, while her Head Teacher is hoping that she'll change her mind about retiring early. "Think it over during the holidays" he told her. Since when did Greek sunshine make anybody think "Got to get back to work!!"?

  2. "Life as we know it is about to change"... wow, sounds interesting! I wonder what it will be. After I read Rachel's comment, I wouldn't mind being blasted off to Greece or some other exotic, beachy place.

  3. All that Cancer stuff aside, since I am an Aquarian, I just have to say: Miss Winnie Dixon has the absolute SWEETEST face I ever gazed upon! I LOVE THAT DOG!!!! She is my Nova Scotia Angel! Thanks for sharing her pictures! Made my Monday!

  4. Oooo...I hope things are going to change! I'm sick and tired of the stagnation in my life right now. Sounds promising for us Cancers. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Our momma just read all about your momma and she sighed and said that your momma is a woman after her own ♥. To have momma's that love us lots is very, very important!

  6. How interesting. My moon is in Cancer. Wonder how it will affect me?

  7. I've been feeling some shifting going on under my skin... maybe this is what I've been feeling lately...??? Come on 'Luna Ladies' let's get ready to shake and shimmy this old skin away and slip into something new :0)
    Ms. Winnie has such a pretty face. I also enjoy the pics of your feline lovies.


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