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Friday, July 31, 2009

Roseway being escorted into the harbour last night

At 9am this morning I'll walk up to the post office and at a temporary booth nearby I'll pick up my Tall Ships boarding pass. 6 tall ships wound there way, without sails sadly, into our little harbour last night and the park that we walk each day was packed and buzzing with onlookers (much to Missy D's chagrin - my girl is not fond of crowds or people at all for that matter). Our second summer festival begins today - Harbour Fest. For most of the weekend Miss D and I will stay far, far away from the maddening crowds but I do want to board and suss out these beautiful tall ships (avec my camera of course). I can't wait.

7:20 am - Miss D and I hit the streets and the park at the water's edge very early this morning and imagine our delight when we immediately saw, far off in the distance, another tall ship just entering our harbour. The Picton Castle. A walk with my best girlfriend Winnie Dixon, tall ships and early morning golden light. Perfect.

A few years ago a terrible accident happened on the Picton Castle - a crew member, Laura Gainey, fell overboard during the night in a raging storm and was lost at sea - I remember feeling extremely haunted by it. The Fifth Estate investigated and this excellent documentary was the result.

and Theodore's here too !


  1. Love love love those ships. Will expect photos tomorrow :)

  2. Very envious of your tall ships and of Theodore. Hopefully you'll see sails up before they leave. Such a beautiful place you live.

  3. I love Theodore! ;) and the tall ships are nice, too. I love where you live - I think it has everything, doesn't it? (Sighing heavily.)

  4. Magnificent! It will be a fascinating weekend for all! Can't wait to see your pictures!

  5. Wish I had scenery like that! Must be such inspiration!

  6. what a lucky girl you are to have these tall ships in YOUR harbor! the majesty and sleek quietness of them if quite breathtaking.

  7. That documentary looks good. Sad story though.


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