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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Missy Dee Dee D

My beautiful best girlfriend Miss Winnie Dixon

We've been thinking an awful lot about another dog lately. Truthfully it's a bit of an obsession. I haunt my local shelter's web site daily, I check both the Nova Scotia lab and golden rescue sites nearly daily and I've even emailed a breeder in Ontario who is expecting little red goldens at the end of this month. Miniature Jake dogs - a puppy, especially a red puppy I think would do much to heal this broken heart. These puppies would be ready to take home at the beginning of September. I would have to fly (or take the train) to Toronto to pick up my tiny red boy. The cost of the puppy and the travel arrangements (not to mention special food, increased vet appointments, and all necessary puppy accouterments) would be money I don't really have and if I did have - I should be spending elsewhere. And then I think of the value I would get for that money spent - how my spirit and heart would finally begin to heal from nurturing and loving this new little creature who needs and loves me ... and I very easily rationalize the cost away.

A flip side to this particular coin however is - I don't believe in buying a dog - in theory only apparently - I don't believe in it. There are so many dogs, wonderful, amazing dogs just like Miss D waiting in shelters for someone like me to take them home - dogs who need homes - if only they had a red fur costume that they could wear just until I fell in love with them ... which I know from past experience wouldn't take long. Never say never I guess. Suddenly it's not hard for me to rationalize this long standing belief away either. I tell myself, sometimes in life you just have to do what you know in your heart will make you feel better.

I miss Jake - I miss that dog, I am trying to replace him. I still long for him or a very close reasonable facsimile of him which I know is silly. I do know that I can't have another Jake - but try and tell that to my heart. Miss D misses him too and I know another dog would be really good for her as well. My girl's very much a dog's dog. She needs a pack.

We'll keep thinkin' about it. We'll mull & ruminate, we're very good at that. We'll weigh our options and choices and we'll consult with our best friend and advisor.


  1. Well didn't ask for it but here's my opinion. Before Eric and I took the plunge I had spent 5 years without a dog.We discussed that after we married and I moved to the farm, I could have as many canine loves as I wanted. I told him about my sweet Chingo, a Pekingese that had died of old age twenty years ago.After Chingo I had a Pek-A-Pom named Sassy who had been given to me at 6 weeks by a friend and lived 14 years.He got me Jake and Sadie for a wedding gift.Jake was 12 weeks, Sadie was 6 weeks.He paid $850.00 for the two of them.Sadie even though she did not look it as a puppy, has turned out to look EXACTLY like Chingo! :)
    Even though we have decided to keep Hoss the white/spotted pup,we are also looking at getting a Great Pyrenee puppy, which more than likely, we will have to buy.
    We need a working cattle dog and a GP fits our needs. I donate to our shelter and understand these dogs need homes but when choosing a dog to love and take care of our needs must also be considered.I think because you miss Jake and feel the need to fill that void, you SHOULD get a dog who reminds you of Jake.
    I loved that Sadie is so much like Chingo, and after missing her for 20 years, Sadie has filled that void completely!

  2. Susan, I think you do need a little red golden puppy that reminds you of Jake. It has been so long and you still miss him so much.
    I understand your feelings about the shelter, and you can still do whatever you can to support their efforts.
    As Carol said, they need a certain breed of dog for a specific purpose. I think that applies to your need for a certain dog, too. I wish you well in making this decision.

  3. I am my parents third special golden. They say it took them three long years to take the plunge after losing little ms. bailey. I am SO VERY glad they adopted me. We think you should get that special little red puppy! I am blonde, but like red heads too.
    Once you really start considering another golden, the time is right, and there is NO turning back!!
    Good luck and Tail Wags to All.

  4. Susan - GET THE RED PUPPY! (Is that too subtle?) There is something about a particular breed, once it gets into your heart, forget reason. And you can always get another dog (after the puppy grows up) from a shelter. Toggle them! :) We have a gorgeous new mutt from a shelter, and a lovely old dog that was headed to a shelter, but we also have a pug (that I bought). First dog I ever bought from a breeder, but I researched the breed, and Gizmo was exactly what my kids needed after moving from CA to MD. A small, crazy, wrinkled bundle of love. I don't know why/how I knew this, but I did. Gizmo filled the big void we all felt from leaving our friends. He made this house feel like our home. If you need me to give you more reasons to get the RED PUPPY, email me. LOL! xox Pam

    PS We also have 2 black cats that we rescued - I do believe in rescuing, and I try as hard as I can to do that, too, and support that, like you do.

  5. Brand new chocolate floors "and" a red golden puppy. Could I stand it ?!? We very much appreciate your input and opinions. Keep 'em coming please. xo S & les Gang

  6. Oh my! Standing on the threshold of all this is, I'll bet, pretty heady stuff! Susan, down here we all think you should get what your spirit needs to heal, as long as it is from a reputable breeder and not one of those god-awful, heartless puppy mills. Also, you can put the word out to everyone who reads your blog that you are looking for a RED Golden who needs a home....and you never know...someone who knows someone who knows someone....and Pilots for Paws could take care of getting the dog to you if you found a shelter dog somewhere...lots of us search faces in online shelters every day, trying to help those dogs find homes and rescue groups that will take them before they get the needle! But whatever route you that you have put it out to the universe, you will soon receive the desires of your heart!
    Luck to you all!


  7. There is nothing wrong with finding a another dog to love, Susan, even it you have to end up paying. I'm sure that your new puppy/dog will need you. It is an offering to share your life with a new pet. No dog can replace another...still your heart feels full when you can connect and give. Maybe, getting another dog that looks like your lost and well loved dog is a forward gesture towards full healing?

    Beautiful photo of Missy Dee Dee D.<3

  8. I vote for the little red dog. You need him. Do it.

  9. Lots to think about here. Getting over grief isn't predictable at all. I got Lottie, who can look uncannily like my beloved Harry, and who certainly filled the terrible void left when he died. But actually, it is Millie, the mad, mischievous kitten, who has really turned things around, just by being young, lively, fun, and not in the least like Harry; the two of them offer a combined package of things to love and enjoy. No advice from me - I think you'll know your dog when you meet him/her, and you might even be surprised!

  10. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!
    Both Edward and Apple are nodding!


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