cat (like a dog)

Friday, July 17, 2009

handsome and serious

thoughtful and kind
sweet and affectionate
athletic and energetic
relaxed and fastidious
curious and enthusiastic
the list just goes on ...

Oliver's gotta big ol' crush on a sweet young feline from across the pond (as we say here in Canada). Miss Millie with the dark nose and tres expressive face lives in far, far away Newcastle On Tyne. OliVer has hopes that they might one day be pen pals and that this short photo essay of his handsome and tres photogenic self might encourage Millie to look up his profile on

Wouldn't they make a perfect couple. More on handsome sweet Oliver here


  1. Oliver and Miss Millie make a lovely couple. Such adorable photos of relaxing and staring, Susan. What a beautiful world they live in.<3

  2. Oh, these are wonderful pics. Oliver is so handsome. Makes me want to get another cat...almost.

  3. Susan in my next life, I want to come back as YOUR cat! Have a great weekend!

  4. Millie asks me to say: Not subtle, but attractive! She will consider the matter further and get back to Oliver. In her own good time, of course.....

  5. I dare say, they would make the finest feline match! Yes Indeed !
    Great shots!
    xoxo from Swiftwater's les gang!

  6. Adorable. Like living with a little tiger.

  7. I want to come back as ANY of your pets. :) Beautiful photos of such sweet kitties. Love them!!!!! Have a great weekend - xox Pam


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