2 years

Monday, July 13, 2009

more oriental poppies from those abundant iphoto archives

Most people treat the present moment
as if it were an obstacle that they need to overcome.
Since the present moment is Life itself,
it is an insane way to live.

Eckhart Tolle

Ache & Sadness feed on the past. Anxiety, Fret & Worry are fueled by the future. This motley gang of thugs that hang out in my head, far too much of the time are all afraid of the present. Like garlic and daylight to vampires - the present makes them disappear - in a flash. Why then, is it so hard to keep yourself there ? ...
living in the moment and in the present.

Today is the two year anniversary of this blog. Two years of my life documented in photos and words. Two years of days and moments, plenty of Ache & Sadness, Worry & Fret and plenty also of simple joy, daily treasures and the biggest love I've ever known. When I read back it seems as if someone else has been writing here ... who is that girl ? that woman ? I wonder. I often don't recognize her and then feeling surprised and pleased I realize - it is me.

I had great plans for a 2 year anniversary give away - more beach treasure packets and a grand prize (wink) of one of M. Invincible's designs - a photo frame. Stay tuned for a belated, 2 year somethin' somethin' very soon.

The big fat black velvet chiclet has just arrived here atop the teak topped desk with his mad, loud rattly purrs so I'll pause here - there is a Bleetness who must be adored. Thank you for all the sweet comments that often are a reminder to me, that I do spend at least some of my time ... living in the moments.


  1. Happy Blogiversary, Susan! Keep living in the moment...by moment...by moment... It's the only way to do it without driving yourself mad. Cats and dogs do it really well, so you'll always have reminders at hand.

  2. What excellent wisdom Eckhart Tolle offers...just to slow down to read that our obstacle is life itself, which is experienced now really strikes home. Of course this is the rushing attitude...where now is not just by-passed and ignored but also life...the feeling of being alive...is pushed away.

    I think that is what truly happens. I am glad you shared this today,Susan. Happy 2nd year 29 Black Street blog Anniversary! I'm glad I found your place even though it's so far up north. <3

  3. Happy Blogiversary!
    I've only found you recently but plan to be here for your next one:)

  4. Happy two-year anniversary, Susan. It has become a regular part of my day to look at your pictures and read your words. I, too, am so happy that I found your blog.

  5. Happy 2 year Blogiversary. A toast (of champagne, naturally) to a fab blog site!
    Enjoy your day.

  6. Beautiful photos, love these a lot. Happy Bloggy Anniversary!!! I think you should celebrate with Ice Cream.

    (nothing says living in the moment like a sunburned back and your softest, most favorite t-shirt is painful to wear)

  7. Happy 2nd Blog Birthday, Susan and all the clan at 29 Black Street. You start my day EVERY DAY! I was away for the weekend with no internet access and couldn't wait to log on and see what your offerings were for the 2 mornings I missed! Your REALNESS is a blessing to all of us! Here's to many happy years ahead, in spite of the frequent and unwelcomed "visitors" in your head! You are LOVED!!!

  8. how beautiful in both words and pictures. i too am working hard on the present as mr anxiety has become my companion as my mom fades away. am i all right right now? yes. thats is enough. congratulations on your two years. i am so glad i found you and have spent time here.

  9. Happy number two to you! We are drawn to 29 Black Street and have been past many times! Looking forward to many more.
    Tail Wags to All.

  10. STUNNING photo Susan. Dont you find that when you are taking a photo you are in the moment?

  11. Yes, congratulations are in order here! Two years! I'll be to that point in December. Hard to believe. Blogging seems to clear my thoughts; stem the inner chaos. Makes me commit to myself time for me!

  12. I posted my first comment on the January, 2008 entry. But I am here, nevertheless!

  13. A wonderful anniversary wish your way, Susan! Edward and I are happy to be allowed to visit you and Winnie each day! Much love from us both!

  14. Happy Blogiversary, sweet sweet Susan. Love you and miss you tons!

    Much love to you and the furry gang. xo

  15. Congratulations on your second Blogoversary, Susan. Best wishes and hopes for many, many more to come. ~xo

  16. This is a quite belated Blogoversary congrats, but the words of Eckhart Tolle you wrote here today are so meaningful and something I will put on my bathroom mirror so I can think those thoughts as I start my day...


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