Friday, July 10, 2009

assorted blooming from our front porch

pink clouds in a fresh pale blue sky
a second cup of coffee tucked into the nest of down & flannel
cool breezes blowing in open windows
hot face cloths and scented bubbles
a newly tidied desk
anticipating our walk on the beach and the tide is low
cats curled up and sleeping on wide window sills
leaves rustle softly in the wind
crows caw in our garden
another brand new day ... is just beginning


  1. Beautiful face cloths, is reverse season to you here, so I am hugging my hot-water bottle, and any flowers are struggling against fierce winds - enjoy your bright season and happy flowers dear Susan!

  2. the flowers look so cool and fresh...lovely morning there!

  3. Gorgeous, Susan!
    I especially love the fuschia flowers with the Lime green leaves! :)

  4. I want to be there!

  5. Incredible post again. I love how you NOTICE the day to day and celebrate it. So magical really.


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