mo' chiclet

Sunday, July 5, 2009

the black velvet chiclet

Bleet, Bleetito, Bleet-ness, Nessie, Nessie Ness ... Chiclet and of course, not to be left out, that other cat who's kinda handsome and tres photogenic - Oliver

coffee, walk with Dee, make breakfast for the LOVE elves, lots more flooring adventures, more putzing and futzing and gluing felt pads to the bottoms of furniture legs and feet. Stawberry shortcake with real cream and the fattest ripest local berries I've seen ever. It's Day 5 of the chocolatey floor extravaganza. Wow !! more photo (and lots) - to come. Promise.


  1. Chicklet!!! Can't wait to see how the Chicklet looks on the new floor.

  2. Chicklet reminds me of a chocolate drop when he is sitting like that. A chocolate drop on a chocolate floor! Perfect. Where did you first get him? Is he older than Oliver? I have 7 feral kitties I am trying to catch and have neutered/spayed. Three down and four to go. They are too wild to go to homes. Any ideas on how to tame them? They are beautifully marked. I guess I will keep them all...hope no more are born before I get all the spaying done! I wish I could send you a few! lol.

    I love the floor!!! Post more pics when you can. Have fun with the elves.

  3. I have two black cats. Both of them brought (rescued) by my daughter. We all love them both dearly. Chicklet and Oliver are both gorgeous!


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