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Friday, July 24, 2009

Chocolate Fudge Mint Ice Cream Cake - Uh Huh !!

Uh Huh !! and a few of my favourite cooking, baking, food blogs (many of which have been featured in my blog of the week over the past 2 years) a special request from our friend Vicki in Dallas. A list I will soon add permanently to my side bar ' cause who doesn't love a great food blog ?? But first, wisdom from our Julia and more cake ...

Moderation. Small helpings.
Sample a little bit of everything.
These are the secrets of happiness and good health.

Julia Child

I've been dreaming about this cake a lot lately which means I'm afraid that I'm gonna have to make it soon 'cause you know one of our favourite live-by motto's is deny thyself nothing. This cake was my one of my grandmother *Flo's tres easy but kinda showy dinner party desserts. Put it together early in the day, toss it in the freezer and forget about it.

Les Instructions

You'll need an angel food cake 1. - made from scratch, bake a boxed cake mix or buy a pre-made angel food cake from your grocery store. Carefully slice the very top of the cake off with a serrated bread knife, removing the crust like outer bit. Take a skewer, I would use the larger metal grilling skewer type and generously, but carefully poke holes down into the cake. Liberally pour creme de menthe 3.
(1 cup I would guess - maybe more) all over the top of the cake guiding it into and down these newly poked holes. Fill the centre hole of the angel food cake with softened premium vanilla ice cream 2. (or flavour of your choice). Pop the cake into the freezer for 30 mins (this will firm up the cake a bit making it easier to slather with frosting. Remove and frost the entire cake with a thick, tres generous layer of chocolate fudge frosting 4. (again home made is best but pre-made frosting is fast and easy). Return cake to the freezer and freeze well for several hours. Allow to thaw on counter 15-20 mins before serving.

As I'm writing this I'm thinking a coffee liqueur or an orange liqueur would be great substitutions for the creme de menthe. I myself am very much a chocolate - mint kinda girl. Or raspberry liqueur garnished with a tumble of fresh raspberries. Hmmm ... the possibilities are indeed endless.

* Flo - my grandmother an amazing inspiring woman, full of love, an artist, and a fantastic cook who was still having dinner parties for 8-10 people well into her 80's

les favourite food blogs and not in any way a complete list

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les ingredients avec sous chef extraordinnaire - the Dude


  1. Susan your illustration is superb! - as are the those flavours I'd imagine!

  2. Your illustrations are delightful!

  3. Love your illustrations, and I am betting that cake is yummy. But since I still have to make the OTHER cake you gave the recipe for, this one will have to wait. :) Have a great weekend! xox

  4. Awww, thanks for putting us on the list. Those illustrations rock, time for some Big Giant Cookbook Clients.

  5. THANK YOU, SUSAN!!! I so appreciate your consideration in posting some of those food blogs! And I just wanted to crawl into the monitor to take a bite of your glorious illustrations! I never have a great assistant like Oliver in my kitchen, but I make do with Willie, the tiger-striped pit bull mix who cannot leave my side...he loves his mama beyond measure! Have a fabulous weekend! Love to all!


  6. Love your drawings! :) And I'm definitely gonna give the recipe a try. Yummy!

  7. i so love your illustrations. these ones withyou comments about how wonderful good food is jsut made me smile liek a child. ahhh, sweet times.

  8. Thank you so much for the kindness of including me in your list! I am thrilled to be in such company. Your illustrations are such fun; looking at them, one cannot help but smile.


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