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Friday, July 3, 2009


Just one large statuesque white delphinium in my back garden. I have plans to start some from seed this week, to transplant into the ground at the end of the summer. They also bloom in the most striking blues.

The flooring elves are staying, this time, at a nearby cottage - a sensible solution when visiting a houseful of Nervous Nellies. Plus they get to have some time to themselves and sleep in a bit which is what they like to do. I can get up promptly at my normal time just before 5am (yawn - it was past midnight when I finally got to sleep last night). My chocolatey brown floors look almost too good for me to grasp. Those elves (a well oiled 23 year+ duo) work diligently all day and into the evening, assuring me that it's a two man job while I sit finishing technical drawings for Customer No Uno at my satellite office set up on the main floor. I make coffee, bring glasses of water encouraging re hydration and serve finger foods. I walk Miss J and Winnie Dixon and putz and fuss and wish I could do more.

Those darn kittens, Gus & Oliver, are ensconced in the guest room from 9am til closing as Missy J (a Wheaten terrier girl) has not been fully acclimatized to cats, she can't quite tell the difference between a cat and a rodent. I visit them several times throughout the day - Oliver of course is just busting to escape and get downstairs where the action is - because don't ya realize he happens to know a lot about laminate floor installation and the team is missing out on a tres enthusiastic helper. The big, fat chiclet Nessie Ness spends the days and early evenings plodding about the jungles of 29 Black Street and sleeping nestled in a favourite den he's created under the big spirea bush in the front garden a safe distance away from the door and the evil visitors (and their dog). Miss Winnie D spends her time hiding upstairs in her bed praying for those people to leave - except when I drag her downstairs to entice her to join Jigs and I for a walk in the park. Sigh.

Rinse and repeat - a similar plan for today and tomorrow ...

I am a lucky, extremely grateful girl and I still wonder what I might have done to deserve this big incredible love & kindness.

Time to get going and begin our day. Winn and I will enjoy a long chilled out walk down into the park and along the crescent beach, then home again to whip up a cheesy breakfast strata so I can feed those workers before they begin their day.


  1. Oh man now I have flooring elves envy. Do they work In the states and do they like BBQ?0

  2. anxiously waiting for photographs.....

  3. I like hearing about how the furry ones are coping. That is always my concern when anything unusual happens in our house. My kitties will surely be hiding tomorrow night when fireworks are booming.

  4. About those flooring elves...if they are not tooo worn out, there is a "little project" down in Texas that could use their attention....
    It all sounds too fabulous for words! Can't wait for you to show us pictures!

  5. It would be so much for for Edward, Apple and I to join you!! Wish we could!

    New floors are just the best.

  6. Oh...this brings back memories of my cat-astrophe about a year ago...and I am still just lovin' my new floors! Yay for you and your snoopervisors, HaHaMeow!

  7. Lucky workmen with a breakfast like that- I followed your link and it looks yummy!


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