duct tape

Thursday, January 7, 2010

ahhhhhhhh ! les spare, dry, efficient and tres spacious basement vignettes - sigh

A few more of my Christmas gifts from the cowboy (aside from my gifts of more Love & Care than I could have ever imagined all beautifully wrapped in Hope & Happiness) 2 rolls of (50 metre each) silver duct tape and a 50 ft vintage, green, real rubber hose with a beautiful brass nozzle. A hose we will use to power wash the solid, smooth and level concrete floor. Any remaining (or new) dust or dirt will be whooshed away toward the drain in the corner - the drain with the new grate and the thick layer of pale grey, smooth silt filtering gravel. Sigh.

One of my basement jobs was to wrap and secure, with duct tape, the insulation that is padded around all of the water pipes in our beautiful new basement. No freezing pipes ever again at 29 Black Street. Uh Huh ! The basement - the newly opened 3rd level of this old brick house. Now accessible to les Chats for exploration, hunting and general cat activities avec complete toilet facilities and kitchenette. Oliver, of course, was the first one down into the new space. Turns out he is the most excellent duct tape wrapping assistant/supervisor in between playing Catch me if you can as I hide behind the boiler racing around games.

Happy as can be.


  1. What did we do before duct tape? My old dishwasher door was held together for years with it.

    Good progress with that old basement!

  2. A thing of beauty. That concrete floor is going to look absolutely fabulous. Your furnace repair guy is going to fall over in shock.

  3. Nothing like the comfort and joy of a long dreaded job finally come to fruition!!!! Enjoy all your new space! We got an arctic blast of extremely cold air from Canada and parts further North overnight here and we are all frozen solid for a few days! Bring on summer!

  4. Susan, I just wanted to say, once again, that I am so happy for you.
    Look like he had a little helper too!

  5. Duct tape works miracles in many ways! Say...maybe I need to buy (or borrow) some! :D

    Much love. xo

  6. Love is made perfect by duct tape. LOL

  7. I love pictures of your remodel and hope you continue to post about it. :-)


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