Saturday, January 2, 2010

the handsome prince avec miniature coyote (PB) and the beautiful brown hound (Bess)

Miss D, of course, is hangin' back with Mama. She's the on-location photography assistant when my No. 1 (Oliver) is not available.

Some girls would like a shiny diamond ring, maybe even a band of gold but I've been given the ultimate - a clean, dry, spare and tres efficient brand new basement. He, the Prince of All Things Good, has tackled (with my loving assistance) my ultimate nemesis - the symbol of all & everything that seemed wrong with 29 Black Street - the ultimate in overwhelm, my tres scary basement. We're nearly finished. 6 black steeds (truckloads) filled with junk - old and previously essential workings (hot water heaters, a boiler, water pumps, tools, packaging and at last count 7 faulty pressure release valves) along with lots of old wood, rusty pipes and just plain junk (even an old car axle) all packed up lovingly and taken to the lands of waste and recycling.

And now a near empty, efficient dry space - be still my beating heart. While I dug around the basement's perimeter unclogging the weeping drainage ditch with a small garden trowel yesterday morning - I caught the cowboy looking at my initiative with love and admiration. Later we both stood and watched as clear water flowed around the basement's edge and finally down and out through the large drainage hole in the corner. The hole that he has plans to make a grate for and then fill with two sizes of gravel. He does nothing halfway - be still my heart ... be still. He looked at me and said the sight of that draining water makes my heart soar like an eagle. I looked back at him and said You ! Mr. Mr. - make my heart soar like an eagle.

I have been rescued ... and in so many ways I can't keep track.

One very important lesson I have learned during this first, large shared project - do not presume to know how to properly load a pick up truck - especially one bound for the transfer station. It is always best to enthusiastically help to schlep things up and out of the basement and to place them beside the truck but never, ever in the truck for there is always a much practiced and relied on method to this crazy, wonderful madness. Oh yeah ... and best to limit, or better still, cease all attempts at conversation when said black steed is being packed up. I, fortunately, am a very quick study. More chocolate mousse my love ?

it may look a bit Silence of the Lamb to some ... but to me it looks like Heaven


  1. Just wow! Your cowboy is such a hard worker. No... make that a miracle worker! Great things are happening at 29 Black Street. Good for you! Happy New Year to you, the cowboy, and the furry gang.

  2. SIX truckloads? Six? A car axle? I'm glad it's looking up from the Land of Silence.

    It's a well known fact that a woman should no more tell a man how to load the back of his truck any more than he should tell a woman how to pack her suitcase. This also applies to messing with a man's work bench or a woman's spice cabinet.

    That is all.

  3. ....still jealous of the entire basement idea!! Happy 2010 & Tail Wags to All.

  4. I know it has been said but can't remember by whom that "work is love made manifest". I so enjoy checking in with you every day first thing in the morning. Your joy is infectious. Thanks.

  5. What, no Before picture? Sounds like astonishing progress in such a short time. You must never let go of this fabulous man....

  6. Do all cowboys work that hard!? :) Glad you basement is looking all ship-shape.

    Much love to you and the furry gang. xo

  7. Loved this post Susan. My husband calls it "the packing gene" which he proudly inherited from his family and which is sadly lacking in mine. Imbedded in the DNA is the phrase "stand back". I don't have to be told twice and am happy to do so in admiration. Even a packed lunch gives not an inch for a grape to roll around. All things packed by these human monuments to thoroughness are a joy to behold. Enjoy.

  8. Oh congrats to you Susan - so happy what is happening over there! Looks like 2010 is going to be awesome!

  9. Oh be still my HEART, I'm laughing and crying. Romance and drainage and truckloads of rubbish - and a clean basement and chocolate mousse and singing hearts. Much much love to you both.

  10. What a great way to bring in the new year! Wish i had a cowboy like yours.
    Happy new year to the both of you and your furkids.

  11. Oh god, my dad has a very particular way to load stuff too... drives me nuts!

  12. Wonderful. My mother needs someone like that!!


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