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Friday, January 1, 2010

Bess - the beautiful and crazy brown hound

Hope is the dream of a soul awake

French Proverb

Yesterday Mmmm left me a comment wondering if I over these past sad and difficult years of mine Did I ever really believe that anything & everything could or might happen ? and the answer is probably both Yes & No. Most definitely a general No - and definitely not a day-to-day Yes but there was always a glimmer of Yes, always a fresh new day (week or month) before me, another new chance. Some amazing things have happened in my life completely out of the blue and I did try to keep those memories close to my heart. Very good things had come before so maybe they would come again. I think I always had a glimmer of Hope and with that Hope came Hope's sidekick - a clearer and clearer vision of what was missing in my life - after all these years of solitary, self reliant independence and contentment what I needed and wanted with all of my heart was a person - a person to love and a person who would love me back.

Did I believe that I would actually ever find that person ? I don't think so Did I believe that I would find that person a 5 minute drive away, just across the bridge from 29 Black Street - Absolutely Not ! It is a freakin' miracle and one that was absolutely meant to be. As if by magic I did find him and he found me and now I most definitely do believe anything & everything is possible. I believe that the clearer you can be in deciding what you want in your life the easier it will be for that life to find you. And Hope is the very best navigator.

I can't write about these last few years without mentioning MLou (my best friend) because without her I would never have made it to this new place. Just yesterday she and I had one of our frequent phone chats and one tiny little thing she said stayed with me throughout the day. A little nugget of truth we each had gleaned from our first 2 person book club selection Eckhart Tolle's - A New Earth (a book I'm reading again at her suggestion avec high liter in hand) and a gem of a nugget that I had forgotten. Something about showing up in the world, wherever you are, whatever the situation - giving out only what you would like to receive back. The course of my day yesterday was completely changed by her reminding me, again, of that little gem.

A few of the books that I've found very helpful along the way

A New Earth
- Eckhart Tolle
Broken Open - Elizabeth Lesser (how I love the idea that at times we are -broken open)
Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes - William Bridges

Hey ! I just realized I haven't given any thought to making any darn resolutions - oh well !

hey there handsome


  1. That little brown hound has the most intense eyes. I bet she'd be a great hunter.

  2. Hee. HEy, I'm mentioned int he fabulous 9 Black Street? Whoa.

    Ahhh, thanks for your further explanations on that. It's good to know you read the lil comments we all leave you, especailyl for me as I tend to visits blogs in chunks, going back several posts.

    Anyway, I love this bit you srote:

    "Did I believe that I would find that person a 5 minute drive away, just across the bridge from 29 Black Street - Absolutely Not ! It is a freakin' miracle..!"

    So, I would say, no true focused belief wasn;t necessary, for wahtever rason it jsut happend but perhaps some small measure of hope helps but I think everyone pretty much has that, form past experience. I know I have those same mixed aspirations for the new year, one foot readily jumping right in, one foot staying firmly planted on the glacier slowly spreading apart, forcing me to jump, come waht may.

    Hapy New Year's DAy! I wonder what you both are doign now? I am sitting here drinking hot cholcolate.

  3. Sorry, no idea why this posted twice, please delete one and fix my typos whilst you're at it! LOL.

  4. I think your life is your New Year's Resolution. MLou is scary wise... and you are a blessing.

  5. I love your comment about "showing up in life". So very true. You don't get anywhere by being stagnant.
    I signed up to follow you because I like your style. Stop by my place for some New Year cheer and see what you think.


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