shot in the arm

Friday, January 8, 2010

a tiny life No.5 - collage and gouache

I just bought your tiny home artwork.
We are in the process of downsizing to a very small house and your work is so beautiful.

Barbara - her blog here

I sold this piece yesterday from my shop in the lands of etsy - the original - Yipee ! the lovely comment that accompanied the etsy transaction really got my ol' Creative Empire Building juices a flowin'. The etsy side, or the my own stuff side of my CE building I'll admit has fallen a bit by the wayside since hooking up with the Prince of All Things Good (the handsome cowboy) in late autumn. But ... I knew in my heart that it would all come back to me (when a little more of this love & restoration dust had settled) and I have never stopped stewin' and thinkin' and ponderin' that side of my creative life and lookin' and hopin' for an opportunity to get all that CE stuff back on track and cooking once again.

Thinking about stuff is my expertise. Doing the stuff - well ... that's another matter.
So ... a big merci to Barbara who has given me just the shot in the arm I'd been looking for.

My etsy shops here & here. Stay tuned for some spring time rockin' new stuff.


  1. Last year I bought two of your prints and they are both framed and sitting in my sewing room where I enjoy seeing them every day. Here's to your CE!

  2. happy empire building,Susan. Cute. Love that. I had to go "awww" when i read your "prince of al good things" name for your cowboy. How lovely.

  3. Hey thanks Mary D - you have been a great friend, supporter & patron of the 29 Black Street Empire from nearly it's beginning. xo S & les Gang

  4. I want a pat on the noggin too.... I'm with Mary...

    I also have some of your amazing prints of the clearest of the clear photos ... framed them with some perfect frames I managed to find... ....and...they are in my studio/craft room... above my "bearister" bookcase... I still love them as much now as I did the day I first saw them in person. .... they are perfect in that room....
    my iceberg

  5. Wow BVee - I know I've seen my iceberg photo before framed and in your house but I gotta say it really does look tres handsome !! the way you've framed it. And yes ... another long, long tome friend, supporter and patron of all things Black St. merci my friend. xo S & les Gang


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