Wednesday, January 6, 2010

palest blues and chocolate brown

Ache & Sadness, Worry & Fret, Anxiety & Fear, near constant companions of mine for as long as I can remember, seem to all be on an extended hiatus. I see glimpses of them every now and then, as if their number keeps showing up on my call display. I know that they still exist but they're not at all playing havoc with my life at present. Where did they go I wonder ? How long will they be gone and will they come back ... ever ? I pondered these big questions as I walked with the sisters under the stars and a half moon this early morning. Winnie & Piper walked and sniffed and stopped and sniffed while I thought about life. My life. This morning it occurred to me that after so many years of yearning for somewhere. Finally, I have somewhere ... somewhere big and important for all of my love to go.

The pressure of so much accumulated love, backed up and overflowing, had me feeling a kind of stress - many negative emotions were wreaking havoc. Now that dam has been wonderfully breached. Love flows easily and freely from me - it's all around me, keeping me afloat. It feels Perfect and Right ...and it makes me feel almost nothing but Happy & Safe.

This mornings early morning coffee chatter - Sadness - a Tragic Sense of Life ? or the existence of a Pain Body. ? Shut Up !! Y'all know how much this girl sure does love a deep, humdinger of a conversation ... especially over morning coffee. Sighing.


  1. Does this mean Goofy, Giddy, Jubilant, and Content have moved into the lovely Chocolate Guest Room?

  2. Your right the pale blue and chocolate colors look amazing together! Gorgeous!

  3. Exquisite blues and browns. (love-love Shamu's comment)

  4. beautiful those pictures and i love hearing your heart sing...

    much love

  5. I love the morning coffee scene; it warms my heart. Do you discuss the day's projects and how you will do the new ceiling? I would just sit on the basement stairs and give thanks for the transformation. For some reason, a dry basement is security. "From the bottom up" is the way to do it. The CB doesn't cut corners, does he?

    The outpoured love must be clearing your mind and heart of all the negatives. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!! The snowy harbour pictures are beautiful. I like the conifers reflected in that blue water. Are you expecting any more snow? Those steel grey skies look kind of ominous.

    Love to you, the CB, and the little ones.

  6. Susan dear, can I just say how much I loved the two links you provided? Jun's statement..."to bear the responsibility of making things good and beautiful in spite of their impermanence...", and to live heroically, passionately and authentically.Beautiful blues and browns in your photos.So good to know that things are humming along nicely at Black Street.

  7. OMG happy and safe? Dreams do come true... wow wow wow wow wow...

  8. Those pictures are down right amazing! I'll take a hot cuppa or two right there. Ahhh. Blissful! :)


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