Friday, January 29, 2010

the harbour still as glass one very springlike day this week

This early morning it's very snowy and every thing is white


  1. Beautiful reflections on the still water.

  2. Beautiful, but still BRRRRRR!!!!

  3. What sounds are there? Gulls? Distant voices? I love how when it's this still, sound carries. Perhaps it's just your snow-crunching footsteps and little breathy puffs and snuffles of Winnie and co. My imagination wanders with these beautiful photographs. Maybe it's time for another of your video clips Susan.

  4. My imagination wanders too. I love to hear that crunch as boots break the crust of snow...no sound like it. Then I want to go inside with you and cover up with that velvety patchwork quilt and read for a while I have a third cup of coffee and that wonderful strawberry jam on an English muffin....Then after I am thoroughly warmed by the fire, I go to the teak topped desk to check emails and read blogs...Oliver is in position as guard of all things technical and creative, and Winnie takes care of my feet. Miss Piper Belle makes sure the nest of linen and down stays warm, and feral cats run wild downstairs. Beef stew bubbles on the stove, and I almost go back to bed when I hear sleet on the windows. I'm not sure what the cowboy is doing, but 3:00 calls for another walk through the village and golf course...energy returns!!!!!I guess I need to to stop imagining and go cook my own dinner. We have an ice storm and snow here in Tennessee. I wish we had a harbor like that, but we do have a "frozen lake....the darkest evening of the year."

  5. Holy crap, we thought the sky was falling!
    Benny & Lily
    Gorgeous shots!


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