yikes !

Friday, January 15, 2010

early morning crow

I've been catching myself lately ... beginning to worry
Worrying about the fact that I've virtually stopped worrying

yikes !


  1. Saying yikes is better than worrying! Enjoy your day not worrying.
    Tail Wags to All,

  2. My friend Annie has a great expression when one of us goes into overdrive about nothing:

    "Get a grip!"

    Get a grip, Susan....... life is good.....

  3. Hahahahhahaha..... it'll never end..............grab the old bootstraps...give a yank....and get on with "stuff"

    .....it's somewhat more polite than saying give yourself a kick in the ass! My sis and I tell each other that often...

  4. My father was a world-class worrier. One time he was looking particularly troubled; we asked "Dad, what's wrong?"
    He said, "I forgot what I was worrying about."
    In his tradition, are you worrying that you are not worried?

  5. LOL I love this. One of my favorite quotes is "You're good. Be happy." Enjoy!


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