good things

Thursday, January 14, 2010

love you collage No.2 - paper, ink & gouache - soon to show up dans la etsy shop

and oh my ! such a handsome new YOU that I have in my life - sighing

milder temperatures - ahhh! a welcome break in our recent cold snap
the sisters
feeling safer than I've ever felt before
actually ... feeling safe and saved (from my nasty self mostly)
chocolate mousse
walks around this little village with Miss D & PB early, under the stars & moon
morning coffee with the cowboy
a fire blazing
power walks, and lots of chatting, with Sue (postmistress) at lunchtimes
feeling productive
bedtime reading
CBC radio 1
soft boiled eggs and a toasted English muffin
navel oranges, juicy and tres sweet
finding comments left here each early morning
bubbles and scent - this morning Blue Skies
MLou (and the Lauchness her longtime partner in crime)
Oliver - who's become the obvious spokescat for the feral boys on the 2nd floor
a beautiful, clean & dry basement
the handiest man
a tall moustache
not thinking too much about any thing

* bird identification - red Nova Scotia white winged bower birds


  1. Not thinking too much about anything. Sensible girl. Over-thinkers give themselves such a hard time.....

  2. Mmm...I've been craving eggs all week. I might just have to break down and eat one today.

  3. Love that new species you have added to your life-list. Those white winged bower birds have fabulous plumage and a terrific song. Doesn't it go something like this: hey-ba-be, hey-ba-be.

  4. "There are many things in life that will catch your eye. But only a few will catch your heart". The few things you've mentioned Susan, sound beautiful.

  5. I love soft boiled eggs too. mmm.

    BTw, I have never heard you refer to yourself as "nasty self". That is interesting. Love is incredible, no? Smiling down here for you.

  6. I love the red and white bower birds. How big are they? Is the CB still working on things, or is he working on his house? I think you posted some pictures of his house. I need to check. You are having a pretty mild many GOOD things!

  7. Dear Martha, Serendipity on many, many levels re: the cowboy and I. He had just finished up the restoration and renovation of his old house when we smacked into each other in the park that fateful day. He had been feeling project-less and purpose-less. I'm quickly finding out that he's a man who loves a project and this big old brick house and gigantic yard and garden is a lovely big project completely up his alley - not to mention yours truly and the saving of "moi" yet another great project for him. Sigh.


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