Monday, January 25, 2010

the cowboy and the zoomin' beautiful brown hound Miss Bess

Zoom, zoom ... zoomin'.

Yesterday, a beautiful crisp, cold sunshiney afternoon, I decided to introduce the cowboy and Bess to the golfcourse. Miss D and PB (Piper Belle) stayed home for two reasons - 1. the snow is too deep for Winnie and her arthritic 11 year old knees and 2. Miss Bess who's now 7 months old (the dog equivalent of the terrible twos) has become too rough with the sisters when's she's off leash and out and about in the wide open spaces. It was gorgeous as usual, it's an absolutely heavenly place to walk with dogs and the spirits of both Jake & Emma Jane Louise (Em) were there yesterday, walking along with us.

blog of the week - check out the much loved nephew's (and my own personal genius bar) blog as he spends a semester studying (and touring around) Malaysia and surrounding area.


  1. Nice to see that hound out running off the extra puppy energy. And nice to see you on the golf course with some company.

  2. Absolutely loved that cowboy in the snow!!!!

  3. Great pictures. It looks freeezing.
    Benny & Lily

  4. Fabulous photos....LOVE those blue sky winter days and romps off leash!

  5. Stunning. Wow. Can't imagine that much snow.

  6. Susan, please come to my blog for a sweet surprise...

  7. My fam knows Malaysia well. Well, mor eso when it was Malaya. my mother lived there as a girl then went back twice as an adult and it is where my sister was born and where we lived for 3 years. They can all speak malay too but no, not me...except for a few rods. All forgotten, I'm afraid.


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