Tuesday, January 12, 2010

and who's the most handsome cat ... ever ?? uh huh you guessed it - Oliver

The feral boys, Bleet and Gussie Gus declined a photo op at this time.

CB: I'm just going down into the basement to check on something
Moi: Certainly, and take your time my Prince (oATG)*

The cowboy has another woman in his life - her name - the basement.

His basement, our basement. He must be with her several times each day. He checks on her regularly, he fusses about her and I catch him standing down there often, in a corner, venerating the beautiful drain and/or the constant petite stream of clear water running toward it and watching it finally seep through the silt filtering, attractive, grey gravel that now fills the square drainage depression in the floor. Oliver hangs out with the cowboy, dans la beautiful basement - helping, encouraging and tres grateful for this newly opened exploration and spider hunting opportunity - for he too is in love with this subterranean world (as are the feral boys). The cowboy flirts with the boiler, he tinkers and toils, he's in love with the old stone foundation and he adores the smooth, level and solid (mostly dry and clean) concrete floor. And oh ! how he relishes the spaciousness of the near empty lower level of this old brick house.

I love her too and I am nothing but delighted to share my cowboy with her.

How can it be that I now have a beautiful basement ? Dreams ... they really do come true.

* of All Things Good


  1. You and your cowboy..such a beautiful thing. Much has changed since I asked your permission to paint a photograph of yours last summer. Guess what? It's almost done and you shall see it soon. Thank you my friend(s) to the north.

  2. this is so fun. and just in time for winter. brrrrrrrr. nice to have a warm (one assumes he is warm) cowboy.

    we got a puppy. and Trout is quite blue. How did you manage when new dogs entered your pack?

  3. that little guys got some attitude..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  4. That's the kind of flirting you don't mind, I'm sure. Let him fall in love with the boiler as much as he like too.

  5. Gotta love a man with an appreciation for good drainage. Thanks for sharin' him with us!!!

  6. Mr. Toast sent me...told me your blog was one of the best! :) And I cheerful and artsy..very nice!

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