chocolate brown & blue

Monday, July 19, 2010

the back shore beach, out on the point, the secret & heavenly place that we don't visit anymore

years of days with my pack of three
then two, then one
gigantic love
indescribable beauty & peace
bits of my heart will always live here
in this sacred place

I can't seem to bring myself to visit there anymore ... except in perfect memories

photos from the archives


  1. Look!! It's Leash Free Winnie. GET THOSE CRABS!!

  2. Susan, you take the most beautiful photos.

  3. thank you Pamela ...
    kisses to E & A from Miss D

  4. Wouldnt your pack want you to enjoy that place still?

  5. Hey Sweet Pea - it feels very complicated my reasons for not going back to that place. That place that I have loved with all my heart. I have many, many photographs taken there over the years, thank goodness. I feel afraid along with the sadness. It's really the wilderness there and I'm increasingly worried that something bad might happen to Winnie. We walk, with her "on" leash close to home, along the harbour and along the village beach and it feels safe and protected.

    When I think of all the days that I walked out on the point with all 3 dogs off leash - so carefree and easy going I can't believe that was me. Looking back it seems I didn't fear tangles with porcupines, or fret about them chasing foxes or coyotes back then ... I'm a much different person now. Maybe that realization also makes me sad.


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