Saturday, July 10, 2010

when the sun begins to dip each evening the light in our gigantic back garden is spectacular

Goodness !

And I do mean GoodNess - I'm bustin' to get a goin' this early morning and feeling oh so fine !
It's weird because I very often have a big burst of this M. Invincible energy just after I've climbed out from one of my, thankfully much more occasional, sadness sink holes.

I have all kinds of good things on my let's do, might do ... want-to-do weekend list. Some, well actually many, seemingly frivolous and soundly in the unimportant & non-urgent quadrant (a place I dearly love to hang out), some quite serious and a couple in the sigh inducing & daunting category (like vacuuming). Sigh (where does all that hair come from ?).

Les examples

making homemade lemonade so that I can recreate this delicious drink enjoyed at Mlou's house and currently unavailable at our country grocery stores. I love anything lemon.

making this yummy sounding, it's been sticky - hot humid weather, refreshing melon salad

making strawberry mousse - it's strawberry season here in Nova Scotia

I sent my portfolio/bio promo to this company and they wrote back quite suddenly saying Why don't you try designing some wall decor for us. In other words pitch us some ideas. Wow! Great! I'm on it ... so, I'm working away on a presentation with many concepts to send off via PDF Monday (self imposed deadline). I feel nervous (something that rarely happens in my work life) which is a very good sign - it means I'm very challenged and stimulated by the possibility of maybe, just maybe, working for a company that I hold in very high regard. You spread those darn creative wings girlfriend ! (I whisper to myself).

uploading stuff to my brand new, just begun (and still a design work in progress) portfolio blog.

daunting & sigh inducing
tidying, cleaning, vacuuming - basically housework of any kind (with the exceptions of making the bed, doing laundry, washing dishes and cleaning the refrigerator - love a tidy fridge). It's funny because once I've actually begun any of these chores I do enjoy (? maybe that's not the right word) doing them and always do a thorough, bang up job it's just daunting & sigh inducing in the unnecessarily long preamble leading up to making myself do any of them.

7:03 - time to hit the streets with my best girl Missy D

What's on your weekend frivolous and/or daunting weekend list ?

ps. for my recent birthday the cowboy gave me (in that 'round about manstyle gift giving way - Buy yourself something you've really been wanting Sweetie) a subscription + back issues of this amazing quarterly magazine. Hooray !!! view the current issue here


  1. Happy Birthday, belated I know - I missed the subtle hint in your post of the 7th!And warmest wishes for a wonderful productive, creative, happy year to follow.

    I know those feelings of not wanting to do a job (like emptying the eaves of this house, to sort, sling and pack what I find there!) then getting into it once I start! In fact, I'm off there right now. I have so many fresh nettle stings, maybe I won't notice the insulation itch.....

  2. Happy belated special day to you! Lots of tail wags and many many more.
    Enjoy Uppercase all year long, yippee skipee.....
    WOOF, ~moose

  3. What bad blogger buds are we? Happy Belated Birthday. I hope the next year is full of bubbles and scent, ice cream cones when the cowboy's not looking, many long walks with your best girl and many Cat Olympic Events to enjoy. Mostly I wish you joy because you deserve it.

    It's the weekend so it's garden and cooking time. YEEHAW!!

  4. Good morning, my lovely Susan! Hope this note finds you doing well!! I have officially done it...my new art blog is officially up and running. I would be truly honored if you would come join me as you ARE my #1 inspiration. I really appreciate you very much.

    And hey....I would love to share a glass of lemonade with you on this fine summers day. :)

    Congrats on a new potentional business endeavor. I hope it all works out for you. Please do keep us posted on it.

    So much love coming your way, to you and the furry gang. xo

  5. Yes, yes, yes! You would be wonderful at wall covering designs!! Go, girl!

  6. Happy Belated Susan, all the best for the coming year and many more :)Joni

  7. Hey ! to tell the truth I was a little hurt that only one person mentioned my birthday - but also wondered if my post had been a tad subtle, "plus" yikes I'm fully past the age when I really want to be counting birthday's anyway but thanks for all the belated wishes.

    Moose I've been wanting a subscription of Uppercase since the beginning. Tail wags back at ya and kisses for Moose from Missy D.

    So true B. Shammy - gardenin' & a cookin' my two fav things. I'm off now to tidy up the kitchen and start that darn lemonade.

  8. brand new daunting project arrived this morning in the form of a tree fallen on the "baby" barn... dang! That wasn't even ON my list! The tree "guy" won't be back in town until Monday... well, that will give me some time to figure out how to pay for it all. (just when I thought I had the summer budget all squared away).

  9. Now that's what I call a "daunting" to-do Kathie - my daunting tends toward the melodramatic, mountains out of molehill variety, almost always. Here's hoping you find a cheap chain saw wielding helper !

  10. I wish I was with Missy D and you today, so someone could pet me.... Mom ditched me to attend a Wazygoose printer thing... she just let me sniff the new "little" addition to her printing press obsession. I guess it is a "human treat" I prefer wheat free treats!

  11. Have a great weekend, sounds like it will be fab.

  12. Oops, I missed the subtle hint too. Happy Bday!! :)


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