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Sunday, July 25, 2010

pink flowering creeping phlox - an addition I've been wanting for some time

We're big on summer fests here in Nova Scotia and in this little village we have 2 big festivals the first on July 1 a combo Canada Day and Gathering of the Clans (that would be Scottish clans) the New Scotland Nova Scotia crowd. The second festival HarbourFest has been going on since Friday and finishes up today.

Saturday farmers market bounty

And all this festival stuff happens steps from our front door in the park that edges our tiny (but very deep) harbour. We, the cowboy & I, (both confessed reclusive types) vicariously participate in any and all events by having all the windows wide open here at 29 Black (my preferred summer window state for it has been hot & humid and I do love the feeling of a breeze blowing inside this old brick house). We hear it all - the sounds of a summer fest ...

helicopters (6 minute rides around the harbour from dawn to dusk), happy chatter, laughter, bagpipes (of course), power boats, Celtic music, the Rankins (goose bump inducing), the constant chorus of requisite seagulls (so familiar you stop hearing them), hot air balloons, dragon boat race play by play, Jesse, lost wallet announcements, live music from the stage in the park, a big salt ship coming into the harbour ... lots more laughter

and daily, at least once (with plenty o' hoorays from the beer tent crowd)
the unofficial anthem of any Nova Scotia summer festival ... our Stan


  1. phlox.

    susan, we have parallel lives. i have a farmers market post too. I love my saturday mornings...i like to buy as much as i like selling. Yesterday i bought peaches, peach jam, salsa and an aromatic bouquet. your bounty looks lovely!

  2. Ah...the Rankins and looks like a great kitchen party video! Mom takes me every Saturday to our farmers market...lots of people pet me and mom buys green stuff.
    Tail Wags to summer,

  3. Wow, I never heard of Stan Rogers before. What a legacy...

  4. oops phlox ... merci ! how I hate typos. I was visiting chickory just yesterday and read all about both your msrket wares and your bounty xo

  5. Farmer's Markets + Barrett's Privateers--if that combo doesn't make me long for the Atlantic ocean, nothing will!

    Gathering up freshness out here to cook up into a late dinner--basil, chicken.possibly a cornmeal plum cake from the Rustic Fruit Desserts cook book.

    So lucky to have such summer pleasures--music + food.

  6. Oh sweet Susan...I could listen to Celtic music all day long! Love it! And would you mind if I picked out a few of those yummy veggies for myself? Hee

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo


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