is this a good idea ?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

with or without typography ? hmmmm ??

love will find its way - No. 1 - gouache

here's the thing
well actually it's not the thing ... but it's a thing

and it is a pretty important thing on this journey of mad, unabated Creative Empire building. Process. Process and practice and not getting too hung up on the final outcome of anything. Painting all these tiny pink and red hearts although mesmerizingly satisfying (I was most definitely happily ensconced in les groove) was just a tad tres labour intensive. About a third of the way into the finished piece I began thinking Boo Hiss I don't like how this is turning out, I've wasted VIP time. Sigh, Darn, Drat but instead of listening intently to this inner critic as I far too often do I just carried on painting tiny little hearts and in the end I'm pretty happy with the outcome of this illustration.

In fact I can't wait to do another version - different colours and maybe different typography. My goal (for the present time) is to be prolific, not to be asking myself constantly is this a good idea? because honestly who knows if anything is ever a good idea? I mentioned Gennine being my current creative mentor and if you go back into her blog's archives to her beginning posts she's really come a very long way. She just continued painting and drawing and posting the results. In fact she didn't actually have any aspirations to be the amazing artist she is today but she did dedicate herself to creating new work constantly. To see her talents unfolding in those early years of her blog is truly amazing.


There's a fantastic write up about Gennine in Issue No. 3 of the fabulous Uppercase magazine.
So ... that's what I'm up to ... more tiny heart paintings ... a little mowing, a little cooking ...


  1. Hi. You do have a lot of patience to paint all those little hearts. I first read it as "love willy lead the way" I like it without the text. Keep up the good work!

  2. I really love this one. I need to live in/on your blog on a daily basis. Still pushing through some things in life and hoping for the very best! :)

    Hugs to you!

  3. I love this actually, especially the top one. Adorable. I like having room to write my won sentiment, if I was getting that card. Love it.


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