oliver's sunday

Monday, July 5, 2010


from Oliver's day planner - Sunday July 4th

• big (and small) bug hunting
• chillaxin'
• supervising a few human activities
• watching the birds at the kitchen window feeders
• grooming Gus (lick, lick, lick, bite ... and repeat)
• napping
helping make the beds with fresh laundry from the line
• working on new circus tricks for (much loved) Whiskas Temptations
• practicing my tres handsome posing
• a little zooming around
• some attacking of the imaginary things
• occasional evil eye intimidation of Bleet (who's a lover not a fighter)
• sprawling on half made beds
• watching the evening's movie presentation from comfy pillow topped lap
• some late night (actually wee hours of Monday morning), on the bed, toy mouse faux battle

and yes ... he does want his very own blog (Uh Huh, just like the team from NuT)

Oliver picked this week's blog of the week - one tres cool Dominican cat


  1. chillaxin!? i love that. i need to do more of it myself. well done Oliver!

  2. chillaxin' (not my own expression) but from a KitKat chocolate bar TV commercial. It's an activity Oliver is well practiced at.

  3. cats know the secrets to a loooooong life.... I love the first pic of his beautiful face..... I can practically feel that luxurious fur.....

    oh, yeh.... Estorbo is one cool customer..." yessept" for his itchy skin! What a time he has with that!

  4. There are few things more delightful than a cat's chin.

  5. Can see why cats are good for high blood pressure. They make you want to relax and spend time with them. To ask "May I lie down here with you", and if we are lucky enough, they deign to give us their permission.Double bonus? The thrumming purr. Beautiful photos Susan.

  6. That last photograph of Oliver is adorable. xoxo ♥

  7. Only let him have his own blog if he accepts that not many people will read it, says Millie - not at all bitterly......


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