Thursday, July 15, 2010

sweet peas from the terracotta gardens here at 29 Black Street

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Rick Astley

a few current favourite things

I'm just crazy about gill sans ultra bold • Amy Winehouse • iced coffee in the afternoon with a little sugar and a little coffee cream • my portfolio blog hello there gill sans ulta bold ! I'm beginning to like how it's looking. Phew ! • the sweetest peas • 80's music* - this or this (with thanks to B. Shammy for this - No. 2 memory) • having a hug whenever I need or want one (which is quite often it seems) • your comments left here - always funny, kind & encouraging - merci ! • a foggy early morning harbour • my current funny, dark & fascinating book • berry season - strawberries, raspberries & blueberries to come • silhouettes of herons at sunset • those tres helpful design associates • last night's giant rainbow • a majestic eagle flying low, harassed by the crows, over a perfectly still early morning harbour and of course my girl Missy D who's always No. 1 on any list of good things.

* after a late night of working (?) in the design studios of NSCAD we (MLou & our Gang) would race to catch last call at a club called Cabbage Town - for a drink and some mad 80's dancin'


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous and I just love your list of favourites! And hey...if I am ever in town, I'll stop by and grab you to go to the club for a little 80's dancing. I love the 80's! :)

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo

  2. ooh i love when you talk typography!! ;)

    also digging the new portfolio site... it's a pleasure to browse

  3. Hey Chez, I am so crazy about gill sans ultra bold I try and use it way too much (meaning everywhere) my last such typographic obsession (which I confess continues to hang on) is with Helvetica Neue - light and extra light. Sigh

    Do you have a current fave ?

    I have SO much more stuff to upload to way-long-overdue portfolio blog. I'm trying to spend at least an hour each day uploading new stuff so stayed tuned for much, much more. xo s

  4. You know, you haven't done a lot of pink in the past. Very sweet. Going off to check the portfolio site.

  5. Wow beautiful. Lily loves pink
    Benny & Lily

  6. OMG--OMG---

    Cabbagetown + The Smiths + Joy Division, Then eating donairs at the little shop to the right when the night ended...

    Years later I became friends with and (ended up working for) the person whose family owned Cabbagetown and their uncle owned the donair shop so I came to find out.

    A new generation has started a wonderful restaurant up on Windsor-Brooklyn Warehouse.

    I adore Halifax and all that it is (and Nova Scotia for everything it is). I get quite homesick even as I get older and maybe should know better...

  7. love your sweetpeas. What beautiful and fragile looking blossoms ...

    something happened after the last Mac induced "update" ...I hate those things. It changes everything...then...I couldn't bring up the golf course page..so started dicking around with things...and ...now.... your address is causing trouble. Only yours and the golf club..... arrrgghhhhhh your address is now eliciting an error message saying you are not on the server...acckkkk!! The golf club... saying Safari can't connect to it...... I'm ready to fling things out the window!

  8. okay....I unsubscribed ...and then... subscribed once again...didn't seem to work... but, I'm sure I remember doing that once before with a blog ...so ...tried again...and .......yet again..... lo and behold... now..it's finally on the blogroll once again...where's somebody like young Michael when I need him? ..... whew....! yay me....

  9. Yes, I'd say all these are great additions along with great photos. Loving it. Love anything from TFF too of course.

  10. you're asking me to pick just one??? ;)

    doesn't feel right calling it a fave, but these days i tend toward helvetica... just keeps it simple. have you seen the Helvetica documentary? i think you would enjoy it!


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