the secret

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

early evening shadows on my sunny office wall

From self alone expect applause

Marion L. Burton

If only I could bottle this early morning energy, enthusiasm and confidence I have for life. At 5:00 am, the coffee begins to gurgle and spurt as if by magic and I'll lie in bed for a time with my favourite mug dreaming and scheming of the adventures that lie in wait for me on this brand new day. Every day. Such big hopes.

By evening ... it's as if every thing has turned to dust again. Thick dust. Some how those best laid plans, dreams & adventures forever fall short. Inevitably & nearly always. I sit and ponder the day behind me knowing full well that pondering is exactly what I promised myself not to do. But I don't care because pondering is what I want to do. Thinking, I've convinced myself, is the cure for what ails me. I know - I can think my way out. Out of where ? a voice whispers

My final thoughts last night were of self acceptance. Uh Huh ! A leap. I guess I know deep down inside that that is the secret - I must stop trying to be the ever elusive, shape shifting, unattainable person I've conjured up in my head and just be the person that I am. Let go of expectation & judgement, leave behind the self criticism, accept who I am, live in the moment and be thankful that I do greet each new day with such a grand enthusiasm.

I don't like myself,
I'm crazy about myself.

Mae West


  1. If we could just combine your early morning enthusiasm with my late evening exuberance we could rule the world.

  2. sure thing Shammy !
    copy, paste & voila

  3. And now the song will be in my head all day long.

  4. Such wise thoughts. Acceptance of self first, happiness next.

    You are soooo right about Limonata!! the best!

  5. and what a great song "to have" in your head all day long ...

  6. What a great post, sweet Susan. You spoke of several things that these little ears needed to hear, as today has been a horrid day for me. Thank you for always being so real in your blog/writing.

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo

  7. You will get there Susan, you are aware and awareness is the first step. Beautiful images, so different from what I am used to seeing from you.

  8. Susan - there's a very interesting Buddhist saying that goes "Don't Believe Everything you Think". They are only thoughts - which doesn't make them true.

    I remind myself of this often - and it helps.

  9. Oh. And - Ani DiFranco's sardonic take on the same theme as your video:


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