I know I can

Monday, July 26, 2010

I am a very handsome cat - n'est pas ?

Most handsome cat (and all round best Associate) sends these photos to his true love M. Millie

Off I go into this new week's wild Creative Empire building yonder with fingers crossed, solid optimism & confidence in check and the huge support and love of one handsome cowboy (with the tall moustache) enveloping me. Sigh.

I think I can ... I know I can ... I think I can ...


  1. this is the best photo essay EVER~ you are so good. the happy cat finale rocks. you inspire me too...i am going to bust A on my own CE..there is no reason why i dont have anything better going on other than i do not work hard enough. thanks susan, this first a.m. stop is a firestarter.

    and wow. the cowboys house is tres charming. if i had the $ id have it dismantled and moved to jawja in a heartbeat.

  2. gee thanks my friend and you have just returned the favour by blasting me off with this most excellent & tres kind comment. Lets Rock On !

  3. I will alert my Jacob that this photo essay is right up his ally.

    Notice how chickory mentions moving the Cowboy's house to Georgia.....not moving herself to Canada...there's not enough nesting in the world to keep that girl warm in cold climates.

  4. That belly is begging for a rub! ;)

  5. Millie says: Be still, my beating heart. Or she would say it if she didn't have some annoyance going on in her mouth - I think she may have tried to bite a wasp this morning. But she did think Oliver and ice cream were an irresistible combination!

  6. i'm in love with this post. such great photos!

    xo Alison

  7. Awesome photos! It's lovely to have that support for your empire building. Aaaahhhh...


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