scenes from late july

Thursday, July 29, 2010

snippets of summer life in our little Nova Scotia seaside village - happy sighs abound

and ... a great summer song
Canadian singer/songwriter Meaghan Smith


  1. Look at those beets. Did you grow those or did they come from the villager farmer's market? Did you make beet popsicles (snort)?

  2. that water is gorgeous. great set of photos, dear!

    xo Alison

  3. Shammy oui farmers market beets & greens and snort No ... that is a cran/grape popsicle - it's what we call dessert around here these days :-(

    thanks Alison !

  4. Love the photos. OMG that video is hysterical - the girls and I were SHRIEKING with laughter. Haha I want her website. AWESOME.

  5. Love all those photos. will check out video now too. thank you.

  6. cute video. love all the canadian singers you introduce us too. thank you.


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