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Thursday, July 1, 2010

our little harbour as seen from the deck of a tall ship - summer 2009

Happy Birthday Canada - our home and native land, it's the one day of the year when we Canadians become quite patriotic. Flags are flying everywhere. Big flags, little flags, flags on cupcakes, flags on beach towels and tattooed flags on smiling faces. Our little village goes mad on July 1st and it all happens in the park, at harbour's edge and steps away from our house. Yikes.

A parade, carnival rides, highland dancing, pipe and drum bands, entertainment, highland games (when big men in kilts throw large objects great distances), more music and a fireworks finale - it's the annual Gathering of the Clans and we plan on gettin' out of dodge, at least for part of the day. We're planning a picnic/road trip round Glooscap's Trail and we plan to stop at this Unesco heritage site. It's a tres scenic drive around the spectacular and rugged coast of the Bay of Fundy (world's highest tides) and one of my favourite spots in Nova Scotia.

they don't call us New Scotland for nothin'


  1. Such a pretty flag your country has. Hope you have fun on your road trip.

  2. happy birthday! i love the photos -the brightness of the flag against that deep ocean color. enjoy this wonderful day.

  3. The fossil cliffs are one of our favorites, love watching the tide...Happy Canada Day + tail wags to all,

  4. Very wise to avoid the bagpipes. The sound lingers in the ears long after the playing has stopped. Please tell me they don't play Oh Canada on them.

  5. Happy birthday, Canada! I love bagpipes (growing up in a Scottish regiment you had to, really) so I hope they go on all day! x

  6. Fossil cliffs????

    Happy Birthday Nova Scotia. We love our Northern Neighbors.

  7. Happy Birthday, Canada!
    I absolutely love Nova Scotia, and if I had the cash I would buy the cowboy's house in a second!

  8. Had a great time with your links Susan, and looking at the art work in the places you're visiting. Oh how I would love to go there, so far away from Australia. I'd also love to visit the fossil coast in England. I'll keep buying the lottery tickets! Happy Canada Day!x


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