Friday, July 2, 2010

scenes from yesterday's Canada Day road trip along the beautiful & spectacular Bay of Fundy

What a perfect way to celebrate our country's birthday. Driving around secondary roads being swept away by the rugged beauty of where we live. We left the house around 9am and returned at 6:30pm, I drove the entire drive as the cowboy is suffering from some summer flu/cold affliction. Driving and me are a funny pair - most of the time I don't enjoy it but yesterday the roads were quiet and the few cars that we encountered seemed happy to mozy along at the speed limit with us. I'm thinking all the idiots and joy riders who prefer to drive, always, at least 20kms over the speed limit, tailing my !#?&! bumper trying to make me speed as well were all sitting in a beer tent somewhere or riding the ferris wheel. Hooray !

We followed the Gloosecap Trail along the coast of the majestic Bay of Fundy from Nappan to Joggins, through Ragged Reef, around Cape Chignecto, Advocate Harbour, Spencer's Island, Port Greville, Parrsborro, Five Islands, Bass River, Diligent River, Economy and stopped just before Truro to turn North and head home again. We packed a picnic lunch and stopped along the way for an ice cream cone and a quart of local strawberries bought at a road side stand. We'll do this drive again very soon ... it was an absolutely perfect Canada Day.

Two time lapse videos of the worlds highest tide - the Bay of Fundy - here & here
At Spencer's Island there is a plaque commemorating the mystery of the ship Mary Celeste
The legend of Gloosecap
Tidal Life: The Natural History of the Bay of Fundy a book I just took down from my bookshelf
Bay of Fundy blog
the wild and thundering Dory Rips at Cape D'or (scroll down for great photos)


  1. Travels with Susan... :)
    I need to start planning a roadtrip through NS!

  2. We'd be happy to show you some of the sites found here in our incredible province
    xo S, Miss D & les Chats

  3. Wonderful!!!
    I recognized a lot of those spots:)It is a lovely area.
    We used to camp at Five Islands Provincial Park.
    Spencer's Island, great for rock hunting. Did you get into the fossil shop in Parrsboro?
    I remember visiting Cap D'Or before it was restored and we clambered through the empty lighhouse keeper's cottage. Spooky. So glad they have fixed it all up!
    Thanks for the nudge to go visit again:)

  4. I can't tell you how homesick you have made this Maritime girl..currently residing on the dusty Prairie...

    ...homesick in a lovely, beautiful way...gorgeous photos.

    We camped at 5 Islands as kids too--30+ years ago....

  5. As always, such a stunning area..... I must come and see it for myself one day....

  6. Bahahahahhaha.

    I'm sorry I was imagining the cats on a road trip.

  7. That photo series took my breath way. I think you live in one of the most beautiful places in the world...

  8. Beautiful! Don't you wish all the idiots would just stay in their beer tent? I do.


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