with beautiful abandon

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

lost - 12 x 15 (detail) coffee stain, collage, gouache & ink - Susan Black

carried away + lost

this latest large collage drawing kind of got away from me ... it unintentionally became tres busy, full, perhaps too full ... but oh well, in the end I'm pleased with it how it turned out. It's all about learning + process, there is no right or wrong, a tiny plan to start (if any) & few expectations (OK admittedly that's a big lie) My middle name is H. Expectations - higher than the highest mountain expectations... but Hey ! I'm workin' on that project too.

What I'm loving most about this new collage drawing work. Is the freedom. I'm so used to planning something out first to the nth degree + detail. Sketching with pencil til the cows come home, madly refining & adjusting using trusted tracing paper and a much needed kneaded eraser, til finally a tighter drawing using fine black drawing pens, then perhaps I'll drag out my tabletop light box so the detailed, tight, planned drawing can exist clearly under my watercolour paper. No mistakes will be made. So not true ... just another illusion.

These new pieces. I slap on the stain of black coffee, make the decision to limit my palette and subject matter to leaves & blooms & go. I dive in, paste, draw, sketch ... with beautiful abandon.

I'm so very carried away ... in the best possible way.

10x12 giclee prints of this new work available later this week - 26.00 USD per


  1. I love these. They remind me of the work of British print maker Angie Lewin (lots of examples on her gallery St Jude's - in Norfolk, England).

  2. thank you Veg for introducing me to her work. Soooooo many lovely things & very inspiring. Merci !! xo Susan


  3. these are great. they really are. I love the busy one too. I feel like these are more you than those blocky works from early spring or late winter...but i think that work was important because it brought you here. Looks like they are selling well on Etsy. Oh yea, i checked up on you. Very pleased for you. and this less tight -makes your hand, neck and every other tense muscle go ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

  4. merci sweet Chick !!
    xoxo me & the Dee girl

  5. i really (and i mean really!!) like this new series!! i can tell that you are enjoying yourself so all is right with the world. ((hugs) to the whole gang! i have bella and zoe for 2 weeks so all is good in my world as well. :)

  6. Hi Susan,
    Looks like youve found your groove with this new style.


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