body double

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

bonjour opera pink !! hello lover! cheery cosmos an all time summer favourite

bonjour opera pink + bonjour summer !

Lately I've been feeling like two completely different people sharing the same head. Two people who not only don't get along ... at all, but who don't even really like each other. Sighing.

A fantastic Madonna song heard while working at the TTD last evening and listening to Tapestry on CBC radio1 - a show about forgiveness. Oliver applied to be a back up dancer in this video but sadly they were not hiring any dancing cats at that time ... sure makes me want to dance ;-)


  1. I think you're having a subconscious influence on me. I looked at my backyard container garden and much more pinks and reds than I've had in the past.

  2. and that's a good thing !!
    Shammy Sham ;-)

  3. Next thing you'll know I'll be wearing pink carpenter pants.

  4. Well I'm late to this party but I'm all for more of those flower photos and if Shamy wears pink carpenter pants I will expect photographic evidence.


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