if you have ...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

a perfect art print from Shelli @ Studio Mela's etsy shop - surround yourself in positivity

if you have ...

a garden
a library
a dog ... or 2
a cat ... or 2 or 3
a very best friend
a cozy bed
an ocean nearby
a coffee in bed to start the day
a blank sketchbook page
a brand new day ....
feelings of safety
hope, courage & grace
+ lots of good ol' kindness

you have every thing you need
play along if you like ...


  1. That'll do me, pretty much. Maybe more cats.....

  2. if you have...

    a beautiful rainy day
    fresh sheets
    a pile of paper to play with
    tortellini & fresh basil
    the CBC
    a cuddly 60 pound dog
    & a cuddly human
    Royal Wood on the ipod

    i have every thing that i need

  3. add music to any of those lists and I'm good. yeah.


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