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Thursday, June 16, 2011

it's lupin time - the quintessential Maritime wildflower - scenes like this one abound

I grew up in a small university town in New Brunswick not far away from where I live now. The fall/winter afterschool time & evenings of my entire youth was spent in a rink. I was a rink rat - true confession. The boys I had crushes on had to be hockey players and the better, well ... all the better. My hockey fandom continued into adulthood in choppy chapters with barren hockey free stretches (5 years of art college where no one even owned a TV, let alone watched hockey + we pretty much lived at the school). My hockey fever returned with the Prince (who's a fan) and this particular Stanley Cup playoff series has been edge of our cozy bed exciting (the games have all been late - not starting 'til 9pm near past bedtime for us habitual, happily 5:30am risers).

Our team won. Hooray Boston (14 Canadians on the team including Nova Scotia boy Brad Marchand) I'm sad for Vancouver but in the end Boston played better and deserved to win ... & they did. It must seem a bit of a weird post for me this morning I know ... so many odd little quirks in my character you don't know, but one thing you do know for sure is ... I am Canadian.

You also know that I obsessively listen to our national radio station CBC (our Canadian version of NPR or the BBC). A favourite morning show of mine is Q with Gian Ghomeshi a mixed bag of arts & culture with lots of new (mostly Canadian) music thrown in – I wouldn't call myself a fan of techno-pop but this Junior Boys song had me boppin' here at the TTD and with the advent of downloadable music and the ability to cherry pick song's that you like from any one album one's music collection becomes just that much more eclectic - which is a good thing ... eh ?


  1. I thought for sure you would have been rooting for Vancouver and here I find out you're happy this morning that the team you were backing won. Also NEVER expected any Canadian to resort to vandalism in regards to a sporting event.

  2. Wow! Yes Susan, Rinkrats we were, and such fun we had.........on to more serious matters re;hockey.
    As you are a fan of Boston, so was I for years till I became a resident of the Greater Vancouver Area. We are dissapointed in the loss, but cheered for Boston at the end of the game regardless. There were no Canuck fans involved in the destruction last night. These young booze induced people do not represent Vancouver in any way, and they will be rounded up and held accountable, gotta love social media!! True fans were disgusted and repulsed. I am happy that Boston was our opponent.
    Oh, I love lupines!!!

  3. Hey Sue;

    I laughed out loud when I read the comment about NSCAD students not owning TVs, let alone never being home. Ahh, those were the days - practically living at school. Except for the odd morning spent banging on your ceiling, trying to get BE and me to shut up!

    Glad you're enjoying the nice weather, and I hope you're basking in the lingering glory of YOUR TEAM winning the cup. Whoo-hoo!

    Cheers - n

  4. Shammy it's those crazy canucks in Vancouver - everyone was well prepared for a riot win or lose ??? normally that BC crowd are a bunch of chilled, legalize pot please-in', lululemon wearing, yoga & meditation doin', healthy eatin' west coast kind - much like your laid back Californians. Something about the hockey sets us Canadians c-r-a-z-y.

    And for some strange reason Vancouver is the worst city in Canada for post game delinquance ???

    Patti I "sooo" wanted to cheer for Vancouver, soooo very much, but I formed an attachment early on in the playoffs to the Bruins. It was a super series. So nice to hear from you ;-)

    and N. anotre blast from my past - yes siree those were the days my friend ...

  5. Love that Molson commercial.

    Lupins are soooo beautiful - my first time to see them!!

    Congrats to the Bruins and YOW to the riots in Vancouver.

    Lovely Lupins made my day...

  6. Mmm, lupins. But hockey??? Nah......


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